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2008. szeptember 17.
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CLAUSTROFOBIA new album I See Red
Brand new album from Brazilian thrashers
Pure brutality and violence, yet with very fine nuances and subtleties. Apocalyptic vocals, vicious riffing, sizzling and atypical solos, mind boggling speed all executed with surgical precision.


DEFIANCE new album The Prophecy
Stunning return to form from thrash metal legends DEFIANCE!!! Bay area thrashers Defiance return with The Prophecy. Currently featuring vocalist Steev Esquivel (Skinlab), guitarist Jim Adams, bassist Mike Kaufmann and drummer Mark Hernandez (Vio-lence, Forbidden).

Listen here : DEFIANCE


SAVAGE MESSIAH new album Insurrection Rising
The UK’s number one Thrash Metal band Savage Messiah mix classical Thrash riffage with the most outstanding lead guitar work heard yet in UK Thrash. On release the cd won great praise from all over the world drawing comparisons with Testament, Arch Enemy, Judas Priest and Carcass among others. These comparisons vindicated the bands musical ideology of combining classic Thrash and Metal with modern and extreme sounds. This goal we feel sets us apart from our contemporaries and gives us a more unique and individual sound.

Listen here :SAVAGE MESIAH


ENJOY !! :m:
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ReBuilt To Tour 2018
október 24.,
Barba Negra
Tony MacAlpine, Levi Fantasy
október 25.,
Dürer Kert
A Nordic Symphony '18
október 28.,
Barba Negra
Aphotic Visions Tour 2018
október 31.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Symphonic Metal Night 2018
november 2.,
Dürer Kert
Infected Rain, Over My Dawn
november 3.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Wolfsnachte Tour 2018
november 4.,
Barba Negra
The Trident's Curse European Tour 2018
november 7.,
Barba Negra
Yob, Wiegedood
november 7.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Anticult Europe Tour 2018
november 8.,
Dürer Kert
Ihsahn, Ne Obliviscaris, Astrosaur
november 11.,
A38 Hajó
Purveyors of Dankness European Tour 2018
november 12., 19:30,
Dürer Kert
The Burning Cold Over Europe 2018 Tour
november 12.,
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Vinnie Moore
november 13., 20:00,
Dürer Kert
november 14., 20:00,
Barba Negra
Tales of the Morbid Butchers #6 fanzine release party vol. II.
november 17.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell & Kvlt
Pro-Pain, Don Gatto, Hemlock, Stonedirt
november 18.,
Dürer Kert
Nightwish - Decades: Europe 2018 Tour
november 20.,
Godsmack, Like a Storm
november 24.,
Barba Negra
Skalstorm European Tour MMXVIII
november 25.,
Lovarda Egyetemi Kulturális és Konferenciaközpont
MTV Headbanger’s Ball Tour 2018
december 2.,
Barba Negra
Nazareth - 50th Anniversary Tour
december 5.,
A38 Hajó
Ensiferum - Acoustic on Tour 2018
december 5.,
Dürer Kert
Gus G., Maxxwell, Magical Heart
december 6.,
A38 Hajó
Marillion - Theater Tour 2018
december 7.,
Barba Negra
The Resist Tour 2018
december 12.,
The Dead Daisies
december 12., 20:00,
Barba Negra
Kalmah, Vreid, Slegest
december 14.,
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Kingmaker Tour
december 18., 20:00,
Barba Negra
január 4.,
Barba Negra
Jethro Tull - 50th Anniversary Tour
január 19., 20:00,
Kongresszusi Központ
Midnight Ghost Tour 2019
január 27.,
Barba Negra
február 16.,
Kaptár Klub
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Lives On Tour
február 24., 20:00,
A38 Hajó
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