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2008. október 18.

It's quite an interesting music.
I think Daemonskald's previous work was better, but this is a nice one too. The music reminds me of Bathory in some places.
Female fronted gothic metal is one of my favourite genres. ;) Most of the songs are quite good, but not all of them.
Decent stuff.
An enjoyable viking metal album, but it's nothing special.
There are a couple of really good songs, e.g. "All For You" or "Her Kiss", but the rest are average.
Boring as Hell! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............
There is nothing wrong with this album, I just don't like its genre too much, that's all.
Like Black Sabbath but with added flute
Interesting ambience and metal
Nice vocals, pretty good music. Worth a listen.
Very heavy and slow in some sections, whilst quick and thrashy in others. Great vocals, using harsh growls as well as clean sections. For fans of Esoteric, diSEMBOWELMENT, etc.
Highly technical death metal, with elements of Sikth, Necrophagist and of course Meshuggah. Great!
Not heard this band before; not bad.. mixture of Death / Viking Metal sung mostly in Swedish. Nothing particularly unique, but still a solid effort.
I've heard alot worse
I was expecting this to be forgettable bog standard black metal but this is actually really cool, lots of interesting parts not just the usual narrow minded norwegian bm replication.
Some very cool ambient parts, calm, relaxing music really well executed with tasteful samples and subtle digs at Christianity/America.
Solid power metal - if you're a fan of this genre you're sure to like this release.
Well executed, female lead 70's rock revival in the vein of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc. The use of flute adds an interesting dynamic to the overall atmosphere of the album. Decent Stuff!
An amazing blend of progressive ambient and folk metal with acoustical passages blending seamlessly throughout. A journey that shouldn't be missed!
Doom metal with a nice blend of shade and light especially noticeable with the excellent use of gutteral death and the clean vocals.
A masterpiece of modern technical death metal. Requires a few listens through to tune into, but on each succesive listen more and more intricacies are revealed. Killer!
Epic viking metal, a little overdone at times but an enjoyable listen never the less.
Ambient Post-Rock. Sounds decent for what it is, but not my type of thing.
Extra points for originality, but musically nothing special.. just classic rock worship, with flute(!) that works at times and sounds horrible at times...
Excellent album from this genre that overflows shit.
Music is a bit cheesy, but the amazing female vocals alone make this worth listening and earn it a couple extra points.
Enough variety to keep even those not usually too fond of combination of slow and heavy interested. This is one of few exceptions and overall surprisingly good.
Solid album of tech death that's not ruined by too clean production like a lot of albums in this genre.
Best album from this band. Something between Primordial and Amon Amarth, while still being original... non-english lyrics after all.
Music pretty much sucks in all aspects... but give it a try if you like modern heavy rock with female vocals.
Quite standard well produced black metal with a few exceptional parts that bring in enough variety to keep it interesting.
Something different... post-rock with long ambient passages and a few sound samples. Very much like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. If ambient/instrumental bores you, then this is not your thing.
Typical power metal... except well played this time. Awfully cheesy, terrible lyrics and overly cheerful guitar solos one after another. If that's your thing then you'll probably love this.
70's progressive hippierock sound with flute and female vocals. I didn't expect much from this, but to my surprise this is actually pretty damn good. Recommended for fans of Deep Purple, Pagan Altar and alike, overall to ppl who like 70's proge sounds. Hippiekay yee!
Second album from this canadian mastermind, and imho even better to previous one. The music itself ranges from acoustic passages to black metal, including pagan/viking/folk elements and even doomy slowness, all melting together smoothly. Great stuff. Dont miss this one out if you're a fan of atmospheric vikingish metal:)
Solid release from these long time gothic metallers. Female vocals by Helen Vogt are powerful and wellsung, also nice variety in tracks, specially "Miss Fortune" is very different. Too bad couple of tracks sound like fillers. Anyhow if you're into female fronted quality mainstream gothicsy metal, give this a go:)
This 1 man project from Draconian member blew my socks off. When all is said and done and the only thing left is misery, darkness and death, you get to the point of this album. Mister J. Ericson has composed, mixed, mastered, played all instruments on this masterpiece himself not to mention even artwork is done by him. Deffinately the top highlights of 2008 in melancholic doom metal section. Brilliant.
Well done tech death from this Tasmania's pride, evil, brutal with nice grooves.
Another masterpiece of this month. Prollay the most catchy album from Thyrfing up to date. For fans of Einherjer, Månegarm, Moonsorrow, Windir -don't miss this album out!
Metal for masses. Catchy rockish femalefronted tunes with ocassional hardcore influences, "Into the Light" other hand being sweet ballad with amazing singing. Mainstream stuff... 9 for the ballad, otherways 7
Cold, slightly extreme, modern, enough melodic belgium black metal with variable tracks and overall good production. Good stuff!
Instrumental post rock with ambient passages, not album to listen through in 10 minutes and get a picture of it, this needs attention. I'm a fan of post rock and tracks here are interestingly done, even being very long they kept my attention on them including enough variety. Problem with this album is production, maybe its some fashion thing to record with 8-track recorder and have so different sound levels, but it didn't impress me much to run back and forth and crank volume up and down depending what part of the album i was listening. 8 for tracks itself, 6 for production.
This comment is being biased since i personally dislike power metal very much, and even tho this being welldone.. i see no difference to any other welldone power metal done before. In my ears the vocals also ocassionally get dissonant..?
Black Sabbath and Deep Purple meet Jethro Tull and prog rock.:-) Not bad at all.
His previous album was better but it's a good one too.
Enjoyable gothic metal with a very good female singer, but 1-2 songs aren't so good.
I'm a huge fan of this genre and this is an outstanding one; deep, varied and the songs are great.
Highly skilled, brutal death metal, great stuff.
A good viking metal album.
Not bad, it has great songs (All for you) but it has many fillers too.
A unique and impressive black metal album
It's very boring for me.
I'm not a great fan of power metal nowadays, but it was surprisingly good. Edu Falaschi has pleasant voice and the tracks are very good. A good effort!
i wouldnt say that terrible....but more feelings are needed for this old-school style.
the next album will be better, I'm sure. :} anyway, great respect for Daemonskald.
not the best one that i have ever heard. Will be forgotten by me quickly.
Doom metal masterpiece by the Draconian's guitarist Johan Erickson. The music is very similar too...towards the end of the year in the gloomier times, this is what I need! Great one-man project.
nothing, which would make it special
I like the band's previous albums. This isnt exception for me.
Awful. I hate metalcore (with female vocal too - shit remains as shit)
I agree with Pistike & November
desolate, depressive and awakens memories. But really boring sometimes..
I think, it's a totally acceptable disk in his genre.
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2008. október 18.
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