Hangpróba #2

2008. november 1.

Perhaps Drum & Bass combined with Metal isn't your thing - but this CD is awesome.
Cool sabbath-esque doom with interesting singing. Great riffs, recommended to any doom fans.
Power metal with Folk elements. I agree it is well performed but there is nothing paricularly memorable for me.
An excellent dose of black/death metal with nice ambient passages.
Not bad at all, quite like Stone Sour musically, if you like that sort of thing.
Ambient/Industrial/Folk, very interesting. Worth checking out :)
Nothing too terrible, I don't particularly like this though. It has some kind of folk-y influences, but the singing isn't that great. There's a bizarre (but cool) cover of 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' by Belinda Carlisle though, lol.
Good effort, reminds me of Fear Factory in a way.
Excellent Stuff
Nice doom metal with clean vocals. Not everyones cup of tea.
Top quality black metal
Not the worst stuff i've heard
Oldschool swedish death at its best
Pure genius. If you're looking for something different and don't mind crossing genres, don't miss this one.
Production wise this sounds like a live album, so I miss sounds from the audience and a glass of beer. About music - aNthraXx and Assaulter already said it all.
Well played and so on... I just can't stand it.
With the pace this guy is making albums you couldn't expect the music getting better, but that's my opinion about this. Black metal with ambient/acoustic/orchestral parts/background.
This might be more interesting to me, if the vocals weren't so fucking boring. If you liked later Sentenced and wanted it to be even more pop while still heavy then this will please you.
Some very nice parts.. but any atmosphere it creates is broken by the guy's terrible accent and bad singing.
Somebody shoot the vocalist please. This might be okay without those annoying "yeah huh uh" in that whining voice :(
This album is like from 10 years ago, in a good sense... so if you miss melodic death metal from that time then this should be your thing.
It's not my cup of tea; it was very irritating for me.
Good traditional doom.
The music has some interesting parts, but the singing is terrible.
High quality swedish death metal.
I dont like the union of two different genres. These dont match!
This music wasnt able to keep me watchfully.
Repetitive...I hoped for more.
nothing innovation, but I'm satisfied with the music that I hear
Not my Taste :~{
more folky, less industrial...
this vocalist is shame...the music would be acceptable though
Pure fucking swedish quality ;}
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2008. november 1.
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