My Dying Bride

After having some technical difficulties due to my lameness (yea, I forgot I got a new mobile phone since I’ve done my latest interview and I couldnt find the recording feature in the menu), at the 3rd call we could finally manage to start the interview with Aaron… Also thanks for Morg, who helped me typing the english text based on the phone record…

Aaaron, its so few what one can know about you! A few things I could dig, you have no kids so far and you are a huge Aston Martin Motors fan! 🙂 Please share a few info for us about your personal life! Anything you want!

– Errm, yeah I, well, sometimes I dont like to give away too much because obviously you being in a band is there is this atmosphere and ambiance about being in a band. And it’s nice to keep that feeling going. So you know sometimes that people know about my private life so much I mean I dont know how the Aston Martin thing got out…. this is one of the weird things I’m really interested in, but yeah, I like artwork, I like classical literature, I like sculpture and things and I like architecture, you know, I love buildings and the way they look, you know, things like that you know, I’m sort of normal in some aspects, you know I live in the north of England, it rains a lot here but there is lots of insiration in this part of the world as well. So I think that is all I’m prepared to reveal at this moment.

– According to your zodiac sign, you are a scorpion. Do you believe that there are 12 major groups of personalities and do characteristics of scorpion fit you well?

– Some poeple think it does. I mean I don’t really, I am not sure I believe in all sort of those things and I dont know. The whole astrology thing is a bit strange, I mean there is billions people on earth I cant believe we can all be grouped into just 12 categories. That seems just a bit strange to me. But ofcourse, ofcourse the calendar has changed many many times over the years, so for somebody to say „I’m a scorpio”, you know, the calendar has been changed so many times, I am not who you know the world wants me to be I dont think so, but yeah, there are certain things scorpions are supposed to have and maybe I have them, but I dont know, I dont really believe in it to be honest.

– Have you got another hobbies next to playing music? Have you got any free time at all?

– Umm, i dont have much free time because we never had a manager. Myself and Andrew manage the band, we’ve done that right from the beginning so ofcourse that takes a lot of time because not only we play music but the band is also considered by the British Government as a business, and so me and Andrew are business managers as well. So you know we have to pay taxes and fill in loads of forms and documents and all that kind of really really boring shit. But it has to be done, that is what we do. So that takes a lot of my time up, but you know I still have a better free time to watch DVDs and read books and stuff but, and to watch my Aston Martin Racing…

– Do you play on any instruments?

– No, that is something I really regret. I tried to learn the guitar once, but I found it really really difficult. It’s strange, there are so many people can play the guitar, so I thought it must be easy, so I tried it, and I just couldnt do it at all so i gave up. Then I tried to play the keyboards and I couldnt play that either, so unfortunately no, I cant play anything, but I would love to.

– How often do you do rehearsals? Seeing the list of other bands where Dan is playing drums, a rehearsal must be hard to schedule.

– Yeah. They are kinda a bit weird, they dont happen all the time. Umm, yeah, sometimes we can go for months without having any rehearsal, or even any contact with other members of the band. But then we obviously need to rehearse, especially when we have some live shows coming up. And then we have to do it at least 2-3 times a week, because sometimes the bass player cant make it one night or one of the guitar players cant make it or sometimes I cant do it. So it gets a abit hard sometimes, but maybe 2-3 times a week, we dont rehearse very much. We are quite a laid-back band.

– Have you ever had a side project of your own? As far as I know you are not a close-minded metalhead, have you ever been thinking about trying yourself in another genre?

– I have a little bit, yeah. Obviously MDB has restrictions about what we can do, you know we’re a doom-gothic-death metal band, we try a few experimental ideas. But we still have the sortof heavy guitars and the very mournful lyrics, so… but i’ve got a couple of ideas that dont really work with MDB, so I would like to start a side-project I think, but that maybe something for the future, but at the moment i need to concentrate on MDB. But there are ideas in my head which I think I would like to release in a side-project.

– What genre if you needed to choose?

– Yeah, I’m not sure, it’s gonna be mixed, because i have lots of strange ideas. I’d like to do some just talking, you know, clean vocals But then I would also like to do something with classical music. And I’d like to do soemthing a bit like Depeche Mode from the 80’s. You know a little bit of keyboards, a little bit of drumbeat, that kind of stuff. But then I like my metal as well, I like crashing guitarists. So I think if i did do the projekt, there would be all kinds of weird stuff in, would be then quite difficult to give it a genre name.

– Btw, do you like the latest Portishead?

– I’ve got it, but I’ve only heard a couple of songs at the moment because I have so many CD’s to listen to. But yeah, that’s kind of the wild stuff. I like that stuff, and I like experimental songs. And it’s weird as it isnt the kind of thing you listen to at a party with friends. So it is just the sort of thing that you listen to on your own at home. It is interesting, it is diverse, there is lots of different culture things going on and I quite like that but it’s not for everybody.

– About concerts… you usually go crazy on the stage. Which concert did you enjoy the most as performer and which one as attendee?

– Uh, that’s… we’ve done a lot of shows over the years. Yeah, it is a hard question. Because sometimes you can play small venue that has a really good passionate audience and the atmosphere is fantastic. And sometimes, we’ve played with Metallica in a huge arena in the mountains in Greece, and that was amazing… umm, so i think probably that is one of my best shows, that one with Metallica (in Athens?) it was absolutely fantastic.
The shows in England are interesting because we’re not very popular in England. So the shows are kinda weird. But when we are in our local area it is quite a different thing because we’ve got a lot of friends and family there and people who know us. And there is quite a good… it’s a different atmosphere here in the North of England, but I dont know it varies allover the place. Yeah, it is kind of a hard question to answer, really. Let’s just move on to the next one if it’s easier.

– Which front cover do you like the most, and which are the most personal songs for you and why? Its probably hard to pick them, but please give it a try!

– The best cover for me is still the Dreadful Hours, which one I designed, I was very passionate about and it is quite an agressive cover, a little bit weird, but that’s my favourite. Umm, songs… errm, that’s a tricky one, I do love Two Winters Only, it’s a song we’ve never played live. I’m very passionate about it, it is very emotional. It means a lot to me, it’s a special song, but it is quite personal, and sometimes it’s best not to talk about certain personal things in people’s life, the private things. So we dont play that song live, but it is one of my all-time favourite My Dying Bride tracks.

– Lets talk about For Lies I Sire! I think its more diverse and more powerful than its ancestor, A line of deathless kings. Three years have been passed, please talk about the differencies of the composing sessions!

– Well, obviously we have new members in the band who helped compose the new album, so there are differences there from the last album. Half the band has disappeared since the last album, so there obviously are going to be changes there. And I think we’re getting older, but as we get older, we get more mature and therefore we’re getting better songwriters. You know, I can write music better than I did when I was younger. Well, I like to think I could. And I think there is a good natural development from the last album to this album. I’m sure that sounds like a very cheesy answer, but, you know, that is the way it is. So yeah, natural development, better songwriting, there is still obviously the classic element of MDB: the doom, the misery, the slow, heavy guitars, the agressive moments. It is all very dark, very atmospheric, very theatrical. And that is what MDB is: we will always do the theatrical dark-side of music because that’s what inspires us, that’s what we love, that’s what we’re gonna do.

Katie Stone the keyboard player has recently joined the band and she is also doing violins on this latest album. How did she join the band? Did you know her before?

– No, we didnt even know, I didnt even know who she was. We were looking for a keyboard player because Sarah left MDB to have a baby, so obviously we needed to find a replacement. And Katie played the keyboards, somebody just recommended her, she came along, she played the keyboards, and that was fantastic, and than she announced that she could also play the violin. Which obviously ywas a major bonus for us, because we havent had the violin for a long time. So ofcourse Katie got the job.

– The album is going to be released in a special edition, which includes a twelve pages booklet with the guitar tabs. I like this idea, is this the first time you do it? Who is the founder of this?

– I dont know anything. Well, I’ve heard a bit about that, because obviously I cant play any instrument I wasnt really interested in a guitar special edition thing, but obviously Andrew the guitar player and Hamish the other guitar player they were very enthusiastic about contributing towards the special edition. Because it is nice to have something where the fans can actually join in the fun, you know, they can learn to play this stuff if they want to, and it is nice to know that both the guitar players have shown everybody how to play this music. And it is actually nice I mean it is not a big secret how to play certain guitar lists, but it is nice to know that the band openly shared their music with the fans and encouraging them to learn, I think that is quite a nice aspect
– My Dying Bride is already a cultical band, in my opinion. Were you ever requested to permit releasing a MDB tribute/cover album? There are some active bands who already have such (like Skepticism, Ulver or Katatonia)

– Well, that would be cool I mean I know on the MDB webpage are young bands who are currently recording an album of MDB tracks their versions which would be quite interesting. There are small, sort of young, unknown bands I would really be quite interested to hear what big establishments make of MDB‘s music, because it is quite interesting how people interpret your ideas. So yeah, I would love to hear something like that, it would be wonderful. But, I dont know, I would like to see what other people think of MDB, and how they would turn our ideas into their ideas. So it’s quite exciting.

– Are you going to shot a music video? Do you already know for which song?

– We are doing one very very soon actually, in the next week or two. We are working witha guy from Sweden, and the song will be „Bring Me Victory”. And the only reason we picked that song is because it is the only song we dont really need to edit. It is just the right length. Because obviously we write a lot of long songs. If you do a music video, you need to cut the music out, so we choose „Bring Me Victory” because it doesnt need anything cutting out.

– Anything about the script?

– Well, not yet, I mean we obviously sent out the lyrics and the music to the guy in Sweden and he has come up with a few interesting ideas. And he is coming over to England in 2 weeks time, and then we should start working on it.

– Next one is a more philosophical one, i was thinking about skipping it, but after listening to My Body, a Funeral… here it is:
Are you afraid to die? Do you believe in any kind of life after death?

– I would be a fool if I said I wasnt afraid to die. I do… I like being here and I know it is going to come to an end, but it is still something, you know, I’m not really looking forward to it… I mean, who is. But because I cant do anything about it, I dont worry about it. So I dont dwell on it, there is no point you cannot stop it, it is coming to get you. But I dont think there is life after death either. I dont believe in reincarnation, I dont know what happens, I think we simply disappear, cease to be. I dont believe in Heaven, and therefore I dont believe in hell. I dont believe in reincarnation, it would be lovely if something like that existed, if we could come back again. But maybe it is just a story to make us be less afraid of death. I dont know, I really dont know.

– And last word are yours if you want to tell anything to the hungarian brides?

– Hopefully we’ll be over there this year to promote the new album. We’ve been there a couple of times. We loved it, absolutely loved it. So yeah, we’ll hopefully be back there, and I hope people will like the album. You know we worked really hard on it, the artwork is great, I put a lot of work and heart into the lyrics, you know, it is quite special for me, this album. You know: Enjoy it, and hopefully we’ll see everyone again this summertime.

december 13.,