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Maybe some of you remember my article about Shadows of Leng, of this band consist of cultic norwegian crew members. When Martin from Karisma Records asked about if i want to do an interview for my web’zine, i was curious bout who would answer (well i don’t really like when the records ask about interviews, i made them with those bands who i’m really interested in – sorry, i’m a dickhead, but you all like this way, haha). He responsed that Draugluin will do, who should be knowned from Tsjuder, and i was like allright, i don’t care, i can ask from him many things and they are worthful. I’m always looking forward any answers, like how muchly i can feel through them the man or the attitude/pose. Well, Draugluin isn’t an easy case, but in my opinion he was correct in his own way…

Welcome from Hungary, Draugluin! What should we know about the band Tyrann, please introduce the members!

Tyrann is filthy and rotten black/thrash metal for those who few who actually enjoy to degrade themselves listening to such music. Beside myself the band features Antichristian on drums (ex-Tsjuder) and Seidemann (1349) on bass and backing vocals. They where my first choice of musicians and have contributed greatly to spawn Tyrann into its current and hopefully morally damaging and repugnant form.

Why did you choose the line of Lovecraft for the lyrical conception? What does Lovecraft mean for you? Some people can see only the horror in his work, other ones the dark and bloody fantasies, other people the occultism. How do you judge it, and which story form him was the greatest inspiration for you?

I think the music and lyrics should corroborate each other. Some “black metal” bands actually manage to scream about slaughter while their music sounds like good night songs for children. Sounds fucking pathetic to me. Both Seidemann and myself have read lots of Lovecraft and thought it fitted our music well. I have always been fascinated with dark stories like those of Lovecraft, but it has nothing to do with occultism for me. Difficult to pick a favourite novel, but it may be “Mountain of Madness” – perhaps because it was the first I read. Just to mention it, Shadows of Leng is no concept album lyrically dedicated to the world of Lovecraft. Most of the lyrics are about other things, like death, possession and/or torture.

You play only the guitar in Tsjuder, but in the Tyrann, you sing too. Why don’t you find a vocalist for this?

We discussed this a bit, but none really pointed themselves out. In the end I did the vocals, heavily backed up by Seidemann. Worked quite well though.

To tell the truth, when your label sent the promo, I expected something else, when I saw, that it’s a projekt from the members of Tsjuder and 1394. I expected some very brutal music, but there old school thrash themes are mixed with deep and depressive black metal. It’s fast and brutal at some points, but rather pure and full of compromises, than destroying. Did you deliberately not concentrating on inhumanity in the music?

Tyrann is full of compromises? What the fuck is this – a statement or an unsuccessful question?

Post correction! – this is my opinion, and i stand for it, because this can be a brutal and agressive album, but from this Tsjuder not even heavier, but its even more free of compromises. Unfortunatelly with interviews via e-mail always the problem is; we can’t ask back, when we got an occurent answer, and the typewrited questioning can’t cope with live talking and reflections.

Which are the inspirations, for example from the thrash metal, and you like it nowadays too? Could you mention some bands form the black and death metal?

Regarding thrash metal, I have been into that kind of music longer than black metal and like it very much nowadays too. As most listeners have probably observed, Tyrann‘s music is heavily inspired by bands like Bathory, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Sodom, Venom, Sarcofago and Volcano. The black metal bands Tyrann relates strongest to are probably Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem and old Immortal, while old Morbid Angel somehow stands out from the death metal scene.

What about the Tsjuder? Are you split up? When and why?

Tsjuder is put on ice, probably forever. Why we decided to do it? Tsjuder consisted from 1993 to 2006. Somehow we felt that the band had fulfilled itself after the release of “Desert Northern Hell“. I am not sure how to be more precise. It just felt right to end it.

What do you do besides music?

Like lots of people I am forced to waste lots of time on work. To make a living of music is very hard within our genre. Tyrann is (like Tsjuder was) an expensive and time-consuming hobby. The time I have left I usually spend drinking or walking in the Norwegian forests and mountains (I know that is a cliché, but it is actually true).

What’s your opinion about the norwegian black metal scene in these days? What do you think about the bands, who sold themselves and their faith?

I do not follow the scene very closely any more. Suppose there still are some good new bands out there, but unfortunately I usually find just crap. There are of course some good bands like Krypt, Carpathian Forest, Nattefrost, Urgehal, Taake and the everlasting Darkthrone. To the latter part of the question: that is of course a stupid thing to do.

What do you think about the return of Satyricon and Immortal, and the split of Emperor? What’s your opinion about the newer Mayhem stuff, and the suicide of Jon Nötveidt from Dissection?

It is their choice and it does not affect me. I do not listen to their newer music. Neither do I appreciate the new Mayhem stuff very much. Their “Deathcrush” and “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” albums are great, but they where mainly composed by Euronymous I believe. He died in 1993. I have nothing to say about the suicide of Jon Nötveidt.

What does death means for you, and the question of religion and faith?

Death plays an important role in all peoples life, whether they like it or not. Admittedly I may be somewhat more obsessed by death (and the dead) than average, but I do not want to talk about that in an interview. If interested, the reader could read my lyrics on “Deathwish“, “Morbid Lust” and “Black Moon“. I believe the best Tyrann lyric on the theme is Drakehov‘s “Grave Dreamer“. I found it an honour to compose music to that lyric.

To the latter part of the question: I have played black metal since the early 90’s. I would be the biggest poser ever if I did not despise Christianity and religions in general. My position is pretty much covered by Nietzsche’s famous words: “God is dead”.

So, to drive ahead the rotting cart to happier and unserious things, Norway isn’t famous about heat, so if there’s too cold, you have to get dressed well, and of course, drink. Do you prefer wine or beer? Or anything else? Haha!

That would be beer or liquor.

Wolud you like to send a message to the readers of Fémforgács?

Yeah, after my dismal performance on pointing to new interesting black metal bands I could try to make it good by some thrash bands the readers may find interesting: Atheist, Blasphemy, Chakal, Coroner, Deathstrike, Destruction, Dream Death, Holocausto, Merciless, Messiah, Minotaur, Necrodeath, Nifelheim, Piledriver, Possessed, Protector, Rampage, Sadistic intent, Sadus and Voivod.

What kind of feedback have you got about the Shadows Of Leng, and who made the cover design for it?

The feedback has been good enough. Tyrann and Dark Essence made the cover, except the Front cover that was done by Frediablo (from Grimfist) and Tyrann. We wanted the cover to reek of death.

Something you’d like to say at the end?

Thanks for the interview!

Thanks for the interview, go on with metal and darkness!


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