On 3rd day of Obscene Extreme 2009, I could ask a few questions to Brain, vocal/guitarist guy of the czech goregrind band Jig-Ai.

– Who are the founders of Jig-Ai?

– We started it with Burák

– You two?

– We two and drummer Petrasek as a side no name project, but officially under the name Jig-Ai we started to play in 2005 with Štefy.

– What about Japan and manga stuffs you like?

– Ah, we use it cause its brutal, fame and its funny. But the most important thing is the music. We play grindcore music and I think this fits well.

– Have you ever been there?

– In Japan?

– Yes.

– No, none of us.

– And have you ever fucked a japanese girl?

– Hehe, no.

– None of you?

– You know, we did not personally meet many japanese people…

– I’ve heard some opinions that your latest album aint as good as the first one. What do you think about this?

– You know, it depends on the listener. Tastes differ, some people like it, some dont, its personal opinion.

– What about Maryland Deathfest, how were you invited there and how did you like it?

– The organizer simply invited us

– So simple? You just got the email with the offer?

– We knew the organizer from Czech Republic.

– And did you enjoy the festival?

– Yea, sure, it was fine.

– You started the band in 2005, and you played on Brutal Assault on this stage in 2006, which means you became known and popular quite quickly. Whats the way of this quick success?

– Huh, I dont know… maybe its because of the show on the stage…

– Thats all?

– I think so… we just play, having fun.

– In Czecz Republic this genre (grindcore/goregrind) is quite popular, there are many grind bands, lot more than in other countries. Whats the reason of this in your opinion?

– There are not only people who are listening to grindcore on shows. Scene is more connected with other styles like death etc. Thats maybe why it works, but it is only my opinion, I really do not know.

Irra takes over:
– Some people treat Obscene Extreme as paradise… you know I even know some guys who celebrate the new year with Obscene Extreme.

– Not joking?

– No, I speak seriously!

– Who are these guys?

– I know some from Slovenia, Germany…

– Well I also have a friend who is counting the remaining days to next Obscene…

Back to Brain:
– Have you ever thought about using some effects like pitchshifter?

– We don’t use them on stage. Never. Everything is live. Its cause other guys don’t like it, I like it, its a compromise between us, you know. We dont use them for performance.

– Jig-Ai has a quite unique sound, one can easily recognize it. Do you carry your amps/cabs/drums and guitar setup all the time with you?

– It depends. If we play in Europe, we carry them, not everything but the important stuffs.

– I just heard, you are going to change your drummer?

– Yes. He has not really much time to play, thats all, there is no fight between us, we are friends.

– And what about other projects, like Carnal Diafragma?

– Nobody plays in Carnal Diafragma!

– Are you sure?

– Sure, haha.

– So, Kántor did me brown…

– Yea, seems so, I with Burák play together in Eardelete, Burák has own band called Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland and I play in Psychotic Despair together with Štefy. That are the most important projects for us right now. More you can find on myspace…

– Any reason why you didnt play in Hungary yet? You’ve played in almost every neighbour country.

– We got only one offer so far. Maybe we will play there some day.

– Ok, thats was it all, maybe if you have anything to say to our readers at the end?

– Thanks for the interview, and support the music!

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