Negura Bunget

Driven by sudden motivation, without the ability to prepare questions I decided to ask a few ones to Negru, drummer of the romanian Negura Bunget in the Meet and Greet tent of Brutal Assault festival.

– Is this the first time you played in the Czech Republic?

– Oh, we’ve played here quite a few times…

– Quite a few?… I mean festivals…

– Yea, even on Brutal Assault in 2003 if i remember correctly…

– Oh, ok. You have some new members, was it easy to find them? Did you already knew them or they are old friends?

– We already knew all of them, it was not that easy to put everything together…

– Yea, and you were short of time…

– Yes, we had only two months. We are still not perfect.

– Nah, show was fine. How often do you do rehearsing?

– Almost daily.

(I was looking at him with wondering eyes)

– Yea, we usually do it every day.

– This means you all including the new guys live in the same city?

– Yes, we all live in Timisoara.

– Do you remember how many times you have been playing in Hungary? There were lot of shows already…

– Yea, there were many, also Fekete Zaj…

– Omg, I am so stupid I forgot you just played there last night… did you enjoy it?

– Yea, it was a great night, but there were not many people around, I think because its the first edition of the festival…

– True, it was the first one.

– The place was nice and I think they knew there wouldnt be many more…

– Do you remember the hungarian show when your singer was a bit drunken and hailed the people as “Hello Bucharest.. hehe, Budapest.”

– Yes I do, but I remember it was something like hello Bucha ööö dapest. (all laughing) I also saw some bands playing in Bucharest who did the same saying hello Budapest. Even Iron Maiden

– What do you think about the Romanian – Hungarian opposite?

– I usually try to deal with my own business. Why you should hate others just because its a different nation or other borders… but bad people are living in Romania and also all over the world, so thats it.

– Which was the hungarian show you enjoyed the most?

– It was really nice when we played at Wanted Festival, Tiamat played that day.

– That festival was almost destroyed by the rain, wasnt it?

– Not when we played, maybe the day after, I dont know.

– What does Negura Bunget mean?

Negura Bunget is some kind of black fog, coming from the deep forest.

– Whats are your plans for the near future?

– We are already recording some new material, and I think at end of this year we’ll have our new album ready, and also finishing some old materials, like a live DVD…

– Where and when did you record it?

– Bucharest, last year. It was the old lineup. So we have lot of plans, you see.

– Ok, that was my quick interview, have you got anything to say to our readers?

– Ohh, I hope we get back to Hungary soon. Listen to the music, thats all what counts.

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