Subhuman interview!

Some times ago, you could read a review about the italian thrash-death band’s first album. They surprised about the rating (9.2 from 10), but it isn’t surprising. Even it’s not a masterpiece, but the Profondo Rozzo is highly above the average. So, I thought about an interview. As you see, I didn’t hesitate, I asked Matteo, the brain of Subhuman about the past and the present of the band. Because of my various jobs, few freetime and constant tiredness, I asked simple questions, but I think the reader, who liked the Profondo Rozzo, will welcome this short interview!

Hello Matteo! Please, introduce the band. How old are you, what is whose role in the band? And what we sholud know about the Subhuman?

Hi Zoli! My name is Matteo, I’m 30 years old and I am the guitar player/main composer of Subhuman! We are a Thrash-Death Metal band from Italy who sing in italian. We published a demo in 2005 called “Delirio n°1” and now, after some line up changes, we published our first full lenght “Profondo Rozzo”: a modern-sounding melting pot between Bay Area Thrash and floridian Death Metal. All mixed up with an “ironically pissed” attitude!

(You can download their entire demo for free and full legally here)

What are the lyrics about?

Our screamer Zula take care of everything about the lyrics and he’s inspired from all the things that go up around him, so our themes are very wide-ranging… We like to write ironic lyrics such as “Nata Troia” (about the famous italian pornostar Laura Panerai) or “Profondo Rozzo”, but we write about serious themes too like clandestine dogfights (“Odio Chiama Odio”), the monster of Florence (“1110 Giorni”) or Vatican’s highest hierarchies (“Infamia e Potere”).

Profondo Rozzo” is a mature album, but last year you published it as own release. In the end, this year the Marple Metal Records published it. Is it so difficult to find a publisher, and why this became the album’s title?

No, it’s wrong. We recorded the album at the end of 2008 but we have not published it. We spent some month searching for a good label and Maple Metal Records did the best proposal, so we signed a contract with them and… here we are! Well, I think “Profondo Rozzo” was the best title for our debut album because it perfectly represents our attitude and it’s very simple to remind: it’s a wordplay on the Dario Argento’s horror masterpiece “Profondo Rosso” (“Deep Red”). “Rosso” was changed to “Rozzo”, which means “Rude”. Hence, the literal translation of the title is “Deeply Rude”. Cool, isn’t it?

Could you recognize the financial crisis in your environment? What’s your job, and do you feel that your country is slowly being more „american”?

I’m a researcher and i work at the university studying the DNA of crop plants. The crisis in Italy is really serious, especially in the research environement where the funding given by the government are lower year after year.

Which bands are the main influences for you?

Classic Thrash Metal bands as Slayer, Testament, Dark Angel and Sepultura, but also Death Metal acts as Deicide, Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse. Plus I really love more modern bands like Nevermore and Meshuggah. I think these are the greater influences for me… But i can’t forgive Iron Maiden, the best band ever and the reason because i began to play the guitar.

What do you think, was it a bit unfortunately name „Subhuman” for the band? There many more so-called band, why did you choose this name, did you know about the bands with the same name? (mostly from the industrial and ambient scene)

The only band I know that has a name similar to ours is the old punk hardcore “The Subhumans”, but this is plural and it has the article, so I don’t think it can bring problems.

Beer or wine?

Wine of course, we’re from Tuscany…

Would you like to send a message to the readers of Fémforgács?

Of course… Hurry up to come to a Subhuman show and buy our album, it kicks some serious fuckin’ ass!!!!!!

Something you’d like to say at the end?

Keep on thrashing, and thanx for this great interview… HORNS UP!!!

Thanks the interview and take care!


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