Haemorrhage interview!

The hispanic Haemorrhage band is actived for a long time in the „sick-and hard-metalmusic” area but by us in Hungary, we can not hear a lot about this formation, although this butchery-brigade released their 5th album, and many splits too. Luisma-the gitarist, and back-vocalist-has answered my questions.

The name of the band was originally Devourment, but some months later it was changed. What was the reason of this changing?

In the beggining our drummer had the idea to make lyrics to protest against meat consume so he wanted to make lyrics as a cooking book, but replacing animals by humans. It was a strange idea but original, but it didn’t work. I personally wanted to make lyrics in a gory way, based on medical stuff. I think the name of Devourment wasn’t cool for this new direction so we changed to Haemorrhage, thats more related with gore I think. Also we left Devourment name free to use by other bands so we made happy to some guys in USA! ha, ha…

Please introduce the band for us! What kind of positions have the band-members? How old are the band-members, and what other projects have the musicians? (what is important, please tell more about it/them!)

We are all morticians! Don’t care about our age we are to old and too cold!! he, he…Actually we are involved in some sideprojects: Me and Ana and Jose (ex-drummer of Haemorrhage) have a new project called Reek, you can listen to it as myspace.com/reekgrindcore. Our drummer Rojas plays in other band but I don’t know their name. Its a band of Technical Death Metal in the way of Death/Atheist. I think they will record a demo soon.

Your lyrics are quite sick. where did this ideas come to your mind? What impressions are your main influences? (all of you can not be pathologists! Haha)

Yes! We are all pathologist! I told you before! ha, ha…I write the lyrics cause our singer is usually busy getting drunk and I don’t know if he is intelligent enough hold a pencil and write some lyrics…ha, ha…I did read many medical books in our early years som I took many ideas from them, but now I didn’t read these books cause the concepts are inside my mind. Sometimes I watch something on TV or internet and a idea comes to my mind and I start a lyrics from there.

Do the people know your name in your country? What hispanic bands from metallic scene can you emphasise, and with what frequency ask web’zines you?

Yes, I think all people into Grind / Death / and extreme music know Haemorrhage, we had many fans here. Yes, we usually got interviews from webzines but not so much as some years ago. 5 or 6 years ago there was a boom of webzines and I got interviews everyday.

The Furtive Dissection is a tipycally Haemorrhage comminution. Who has directed the music video, and where does the story came from? Indeed, how long will you able to pull „the dreams of a crazy pathologist”?

I directed and made the video. The story came from Ana and me. We planned a storyboard with the doctors adventures. We took the ideas from “Furtive Dissection” and others songs. And then I leran some copncepts about animation. I had some practice in video edition so it wasn’t hard, but it was a hard woirk. Oh! I hope Dr.Obnoxious will be by our side forever! Our new label (Relapse) wants another animation video for the next album!

Please enumerate 5-5 from your favourite death and grindcore albums!

CarcassReeek of putrefaction

ImpetigoHorror of the Zombies

TerrorizerWorld Downfall

CarnageDark Recollection

General SurgeryNecrology

In your opinion which album (among yours) is the most sick and strong? Which song based on personal impressions?

Its hard to say…Maybe Apology for Pathology and Grume, but if you asnwer to other bandsmembers they can say other…No there are no songs based on personal experiences!

If you should say cathegories, what cathegory can you mention by Haemorrhage: deathgrind or goregrind, and what is the difference between them?

Goregrind…our lyrics are about gore and also the riffs and drumbeats are not the same!!


Wine or Beer?


Bull-fighting or Football match?

Football!!! Bull-fighting is torture and shit.

Dissection or f*cking?

Fucking as I dissect!

Grindcore or gorecore?


Sickness or infection?


Inner bleednig or bleeding to death?

Ha, ha…Bleeding to Death!!!!!!!!

Horror or porn?

Horror!!!!!! Porn is boring to watch. But for practicing is better porn!!

Flesh or tendons?


Algaesie or orgasm?


Chainsaw or scalpel?

It depends, of my mood. If I feel brutal I will use Chainsaw! For more “artisitic” works always use a scalpel!

Big dreams, plans, and desires?

No future!!!!! Only recording our new album!

What are your life’s 3 most determinated moovies?

Braindead, Aftermath, and Conan the Barbarian.

Do you leave a message for the readers of the Fémforgács webzine?

I love you!!!! STAY SICK!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to our new album when its out!

When do you visit Hungary?

I hope soon. I heard is a cool country so maybe it will be good to visit for tourism.

Thank for your answers, I hope, that we can take part soon in a substancial evisceration!

Thank you for the interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Piratefest Budapest
július 03.