Dead Eyed Sleeper interview!

The german Dead Eyed Sleeper rejoiced the world and the readers with  a really good album. Through Forests of Nonentities ended up with 9,9 points from 10, and about a half and a week ago i listened to it  again, and i was like, i really need to do with them an interview, well to do one, because my country’s metal scene and media is not really loud of them, but they would deserve it. The progressive death  metal art’s beauty should be searched in its complexicity, it’s so multiple and vivid, notwithstanding it is still death metal, and they  should get much more attention than what they receive recently. I hope the interview with It was that the guitarist Stephan Wandernoth would have answer to my questions, but because of his activity eventually the drummer, Corny Althammer did that for us – will bring a little closer Dead Eyed Sleeper‘s yawning mechanical a and animate deepness to our readers.

Please, introduce your band, who is in which position, i believe everyone of you are listening to different bands, thus everyone tries to put his taste and ideas into the songs, mabye that’s why it is so varied. There are extreme tastes, whose want really to put themselves into it, maybe on the price of arguments, or do you have totally an understanding in everything?

Sam (Vocals), Pete (Guitar), Stephan (Guitar and all that internet stuff), Thomas (Bass) and me, Cornelius (Drums everything that concerns recording or technical things). In fact we have a common understanding what Dead Eyed Sleeper has to sound like. Sometimes it takes a very long time until a song sounds like DES. By the time this point has been reached, everyone in the band knows it, no matter how difficult it was or how many arguments we had about certain parts.

But there has never been a discussion about “what kind of influences are strictly forbidden”. We are all very open minded, and there are tons of bands that are loved by all of us. If someone comes up with a jazzpart we will use it if it fits in the song. And everyone is happy that we have a jazzpart. And that is the essence. We exactly have this single rule: A song has to be fucking awsome! ;-)) 

Who is how old are and whose got a family, and what are your jobs in civil?

Thomas and Stephan are 30 years old, Pete and Sam 29 and I am 27. Pete and Sam are teachers, Stephan is an educator (he also works in a school), Thomas alwas has a lot of changing jobs, and I am a drummer. I study drums and I give lessons. As you can see: we are the incarnation of the regular everyday normal guy, haha!

What are the songs about, maybe there is a track, which is musically and lyrically have a really personal read?

The Songs on “Through forests…” are all very personal, cause we created them together, and everyone in the band put his heart and soul into the music. We are proud of each single riff or beat.

The lyrics consist of impressions, feelings and experiences our artificial character “Dead Eyed Sleeper” undergoes. Of course our own points of view, foresights or fears hide between the lines. So no recordcould be more personal on the whole than this one.

Please, list five death metal albums, which marked an era in your life!

Cannibal Corpse Butchered at birth

My very first Contact with Death Metal. I was only 11 Years old, and listening to mainly Guns´n´Roses and Iron Maiden; I also had a tape from a friends sister with Sepultura‘s “Arise” on side a and Slayer‘s “live undead” on side b. But someone told me, there is a band called Cannibal Corpse and they have the sickest covers ever and play the most brutal music on the planet. So I bought it (!!!uncensored!!!) in a record store. Though “Butchered…” is far from being my favourite album I felt like magically attracted these days.

Morbid Angel Altars of Madness

The second Death Metal album I bought. This was the convincing one. Overwhelming power, breathtaking speed and most wicked atmosphere ever. And some kind of anticipation what hell does look, feel and sound like.

Veneral Disease Verdicts

Veneral Disease was the former band of Ingo (drums) and Stefan (guitar) of Fragments of Unbecoming. After the release of their latest album “Superior Supremacy” (one of the best german Death Metal albums! I recommend you to listen to it on: they unfortunately split.
Their first full-length release “Verdicts” sounded like one of these incredible bands I was just discovering. I was 15 and had joined my first band Mortified. And I met these guys. I was damn proud of knowing people who played this music on a very high level yet, haha… We are friends nowadays; besides, not a single Dead Eyed Sleeper album would have been possible without Ingo´s advice and helping hand.


With this album I became aware of what it means to play in a technical way. Many bands play technically in such an exaggerated way that it is impossible to follow structures and make out “the ideas” (what music is all about in my opinion). But “Millennium” consists of 10 masterpieces in songwriting – and technical expertise.

GorgutsFrom Wisdom to hate

Just the best one ever!!! I don´t know any record that can challenge this incredible sickness. Disharmonic, yet psychedelic riffs, most creative drumming, technical accuracy and a dry and oppressive sound make this album the number one! No further discussion!

Wine or beer?

Well, this depends on the situation. If I am out for partying and heavy drinking I prefer beer. I get drunk immediately, if I guzz wine instead of drinking it in a cultivated way. For dinner or listening to music (without lots of people) I clearly prefer wine…

To still not switch no another topic, how much has your country been affected by the economical crisis, how much do you feel it in your daily life? in your opinion who is responsible for it?

Phhhh, dude, if I was Barney of Napalm Death I probably had a proper answer for you… But i´ll be damned if it wasn´t these fat and greedy suit-wearing motherfuckers who are just in the position to make that happen… Just gambling with other peoples money to end up in something like “Ooops, how embarrassing, it´s all gone… but don´t mind, it´s not us who have to take the can for that, ahaha…”

I think I am not affected by the crisis that much, cause I´m used to get along with a modicum of money. But friends of mine, highly qualified professionals, simply don´t find any job these days. Of course I am not amused by that…

Maybe it is a realy rude question, but how are you with album selling? I’ve seen the limited edition is out too, what is in it exactly? How much are your label is contented with you, and how much are you contented with them?

The limited edition is a beautiful woodbox with the Dead Eyed Sleeper logo embossed on the front. It includes our new Album “Through Forests of Nonentities”, a poster, buttons and a sticker. And there is room for one more CD. Why? …let´s see! ;-))

I don´t know concrete numbers… but what do you expect an underground death metal band to sell, hm? ;-))

You are not already because of that underground brigade, but we look at the past. In Memory of Mankind was released by Musicaz Records in 2007, what was the problem, or was it only a contract for only one album?

There was no real problem… We and Musicaz saw that they were not in power to help us grow as a band, so we split in friendship… No bad words, no hostility, no big deal…

Sam only got released his new album with Fragments of Unbecoming, have you heard it, and the new Ahab is out now. What is your opinion about them, how big role do in the life of Dead Eyed Sleeper the lots of succesfull side-project?

I really like the new “Fraggles” album, in my opinion it is the best so far.

As I mentioned we are good friends with the Fragments, as well as the members of DES who don´t play in Ahab are friends with the Ahab-crew… Our guitarist Pete even is session- guitarist in Ahab… So we invaded the ship… on stage there are three Sleepers and one original Ahab by the time, haha… We´re all a big family, assiduously having incest… Musically seen, of course… 

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?

1. bite it and eat it.

2. make it shine and put it away.

3. cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.

4. trade it for a pear… :}

How about this:

5. Invite my friends and look how small we can cut it that everyone can enjoy it…..

Do you have a message for the readers of Fémforgács?

Listen to music, not the media, form your own opinion, dont´t believe what your TV says (cause it lies and passifies!!!), support the underground and have a good time!


And anything on the right of last word?

Thanks for your interest in our music. It is just awsome to see people appreciating the result of our work and passion! I feel honored…

I hope we can meet in Hungary at a really killer concert of yours,  take care!

Oh yeah… I´d love to…


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