Control Human Delete interview

I have already sent the questions to the Holland experimental black metal band, but at the same time The Control Human Delete already started to record their new album. Finally the interview trough email has been done with Void, the leader. I wouldn’t want to take it any further the apocalips? will come anyway, so lets go….

Thanks for the opportunity that I could ask you, haha. Please, introduce the band, the members: how old are you, and what’s your each positon in the band?

Well, thank you as well for the opportunity. Control Human Delete does not have band members as such, but is an entity on its own and evolves to its needs. We don’t feel the need to explain the position of each bandmember, since they find their own place as the music flows.

What we sholud know about the Conrol Human Delete, how did you get this name? I think it’s from the cold atmosphere, wich caused by the machines and the electronics. Am I right?

Initially you’re quite right I suppose. Today the name Control Human Delete represents more like a cynical world view.

Nowadays in the black metal scene, there are more and more industrial samples and sounds. Some people compares your music to the Satyricon‘s Rebel Extravaganza and the DHG‘s Supervillian Outcast. I see a bit similarity to the finnish Havoc Unit‘s album called h.IV+ and the Thorns. What do you think about it?

Yes there are similarities. Thorns and the Satyricon surely had influence on CHD. But creativity is an overrated phenomenom. There is no evolution without anything to build on or to deviate from. CHD will evolve and will become more and more an exclusive organism moving on its own.

What we should know about the projekt of Tom Oortgiesen (keyboards), called Ambivalent?

I don’t know the details about his musical projects. He is active on a lot of different fields when it comes to music.

The Trminal World Perspective is already 2 years old. Do you work on some new stuff? How do you write the songs? (I mean the process of songwriting.) To tell the trhuth, I was very surprised when I saw a live video from you on youtube. The Terminal World Perspective is an unbelievable complex and sick stuff, which was made by real musicians, but I thought its most part is studio work because of its sterility. How colud you reproduce this at live? For example, there’s The Animatronic form the Kovenant, which is a great album, but their live production is a crap…

Yes we are currently working on new songs. The writing process is not really complicated. We just start with an initial idea and let it take shape as we go along. Many songs only reach their final form after, sometimes even, 2 years. There are a lot of the those songs, that we are working on in parallel. We really see an album as a thing on its own, not just only a compilation of separate tracks.

If you should make your Top 5 list (band+album), which music will be listed? (5 black and 5 industrial music, if possible)

That changes from time to time. I can only speak for myself if I would make a top 5, and can not really do this on behalf of CHD. Therefore I would like to restrict the answer to giving an idea of what kind of music CHD likes to listen to and gets inspired by (since I’m guessing that’s what your aiming for). For all of us it counts that we listen to a broad range of musical genres. This ranges from extreme metal, like modern kind of black metal and death metal, to indierock/-pop by bands like Elbow, Cooper Temple Clause, Interpol, etc.

What do you think about the dutch metal scene? Which bands are you in friendship with, who do you respect, and which bands could you recommend to the fans of sick metal music, who don’t know dutch metal bands? For me, the most important were the Phlebotomized’s Immense Intense Suspense form 94, the Nembrionic’s Psycho One Hundredd from 95 or the Brave Melvin From The Southern Point from Consolation. But there are many more…

I’m not familiar with the bands you mentioned. As far as friendship with other bands go… we’ve never been a band that did a lot of live gigs, which is partly because we don’t fit in very well with the regular metal packages, and partly because we also have been busy doing other things. This brings along that we never had any gigs or tours with other bands on regular basis. But some bands in kind of the same genre that we share contact with and appreciate are for example Next Waste Dimension and Dimensional Psychosis, both from the Netherlands.

To ask more about your country: could you recognize the economical crisis in your country, an in your daily life? What do you think, who could be responsible for the crisis?

I’m not an expert on that field, so I can not really say anything that you can put a lot of weight to. What I think though is that the majority of the people are being skrewed. But that is not really something new. I’m glad that because of the crisis there is now some more discusssion on those issues which makes people more aware on what is going on, which also accounts for me.

Your musical-lyrical concept has an important part, the themes of apocalypse and post-apocalypse. What’s your private opinion about the future of humanity and the world?

Personally I always look at the world with a skeptical view. It would be a bit arrogant of myself to think that I know where we are all going or how it is going to end, because I don’t. Surely I don’t live my life thinking that it’s all coming to an end soon. I like to look at things from a different perspective instead of adopting the majorities view, hence the skepticism. Concepts and lyrics for CHD are a magnification of that, which I think are fascinating to think about (and surely I hope people do), that above all go hand in hand with the music.

Colud you tell something about the beginnings. When did you decide to be a musician? Have you played in other bands before CHD?

I never decided anything, nor did anyone of us, I suppose. The thing that we started just grew into what it is today. We all like to do it and we think it still has a lot of potential. We all have or own little projects now and then. Some more than others.

Can you subsist as a musician? I think, everyone in the band has regular job, and maybe some members have family too…

No nobody in CHD does. We all have jobs or are still studying. We are happy the way it is right now.

You’re from Enschede. How could you describe the city, and what do you tell about the bands form there?

A regular city near the border of Germany. Nothing really special, does not have a rich music culture. The place never really matters, its the people that are there who make it worth being where you are.

Your lyrical concept are from well-known themes, but i’m interested in your influences. Which books, movies and bands were inspiring to you?

Yeah its probably a blend of sci-fi books and movies combined with some modern science stuff. Modern physicist David Deutsch for example has some interesting theories. We like to speculate about some of those themes the way Arthur C. Clark does, which makes it more into futuristic science fiction or something like that.

How often do you play live, and give interviiews? Lookling at the hungarian media, We couldn’t read anything about you. I’d like to write an album review too.

It has been a bit quiet for a while indeed. This is mainly because we have been focussing on new material and experimenting with new things that we would like to work out fully before we come out. There also have been some changes within the band which first have to find their places. That’s why we put a hold on live gigs for the moment. We did a fair amount of interviews when terminal was releases and reviews you can find enough when you take a dive in the european internet/media.

You have already 2 EP-s, and 4 years after, the debut album came. Could you tell something about this 4 years and the EP-s?

Wejust spend a lot of time writing new music.

Beer or wine? (or some weed – it’s legal in your country, in the bottom of the pubs)

Both HAHA… and whein i speak on behalf of CHD, there is no music created without weed.

What do you think about the old bands like Killing Joke or Godflesh?

Not really familiar with Godflesh to be honest. Killing Joke is awesome.

There are more things, which I’m interested in. Your bassist, Daniel Bakker plays in the band called Sphere, your drummer plays also in the Haze. What we should know about these bands?

The drummer who is now in Haze was only our drummer during our first demo… so that is a while ago. As far as those other bands… I’m not going to speak on behalf of them. Stuff from Daan is cool, maybe he’s going to release some of it soon.

The label Code 666 releases a lot of extreme and special albums. How could you know them? Are you satisfied with them, and the label with you?

They have been good for us to give us publicity, with little investment from their side. We don’t share a lot of contact with them. We will see what the future brings

Do you send a message to the readers of Femforgacs?

Listen to Anvil!

Thanks for the interview and the answers, I hope I hear more break rhytms and post-apocalyptic eruptions from you! Take care!

Thanks for your opportunity to get us some attention in Hungeria!

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