Debt of Nature interview!

Not so long ago you could read an article about the german Debt Of Nature‘s new material, the dutch Deity Down Records‘s brain: Gerard asked me nowa days, don’t i have a little pleasure to ask out the band. I would be an idiot, if i would not have a little, so the interview borned, to which Kevin Siepmann, the newly drummer replied…

First of all, thanks for the opportunity, how are recently the present and future of Debt Of Nature?

No,thank you ;).We currently have the pleasure to play a lot of shows and there are more in the planning. At least we play a few shows each month.We all have jobs so it´s a bit difficult to tour around but we´ll do our best to play as much shows as we can.Our future plans are quiet simple: WACKEEEEEN and a tour with the big four, haha. No, time will tell. We´ll try to get a slot on the billing of some open air festivals next year to introduce our band to a bigger audience.The keyword here is:to grow!

How did the metal scene and the people welcome your Crush, Kill and Burn material? What kind of difference do you see between Dreams Kill on Command and the new one, beside that two years passed?

The people welcome the album very well.You can split the audience in two pieces:The guys who analyse and those who bang the shit off their heads.In the end it´s a matter of taste.We love to put all our different influences and immaginations into the music and combine this with the typical DEBT OF NATURE style.Thats one of the reasons that “Crush,Kill And Burn” is more experimential and has songs which are longer than 5 minutes.That is in my opinion the main difference between the two releases.

Exactly where did the band formed, since a loads of cities’s names circle around the net, how it can be? (if the case is that, every of you live in another city, then please tell me, who lives where, and where do you practise together) Why did you choose this name?

The band has it´s origin in Düsseldorf. Marcus,Stavros and Masae live in Düsseldorf, Marc in Cologne,Simon in Oberhausen und I in Dortmund.I´ve already got a rehearsal room before my time in DEBT OF NATURE so when I got in to the band,they moved from Düsseldorf to Bochum. Thats a central point and we all nearly have the same distance to drive.The name was Simon‘s fault.While the guys had searched for a suitable name, Simon came in and said: “I found this one on – “pay the debt of nature.” It was a bit too long so the guys trimmed the name into DEBT OF NATURE – a pun – and it means “die“.It fits very well with Death Metal i think 😉

Really, haha. Please tell me 5 favourite thrash and 5 favourite death metal materials!

Oh,man…It´s really difficult to choose 5 out off thousands of killer albums…


1.SODOMAgent Orange
2.VIOLENT FORCEMalevolent Assault Of Tomorrow
3.SLAYERSeasons In The Abyss
4.KREATORComa Of Souls
5.VIOLATORChemical Assault


1.DEATH Symbolic
3.POSSESSED Seven Churches
4.MACABRE Sinister Slaughter
5.MASSACREFrom Beyond

How much are you satisfied with Deity Down Records? I don not know personally Gerard, we only speak through the promos, however even the record is so tiny, the materials are correct and qualitative. Even though i ask about: was it a good idea to contract with a little record, who does not tell you what to do, or you should have to make everything as a bigger one please, if you did not choose this one?

It´s great to work with this inconspicuous and really kind person from the netherlands.I think it was a great idea, because he left us (and the other bands as well) free will to do what we want. So you can hear the real feelings, thoughts and espeacially the passion for Metal a band have and not a forced piece of shit.We are underground supporters and so he is! Horns up!

What are your lyrics about? Who writes them? Please emphasize some, and explain them through examples!

Social Criticism! All things which annoy us like human foolishness or social grievance and like in ,,Nightmare Of The Fashion Whore” for example,Marcus` statement to neighboors with a lack of occupation who put their nose into the matters of other people about superficialities and shit. In general Marc and Marcus write the lyrics but “Why I Hate” is Simons trantrum against women,hehe.

Beer or wine?

Both. As a guy from the Ruhrpott-Area,especially from Dortmund,you must love beer.There a lot of brands produced in Dortmund like Brinkhoffs,Kronen,DAB,Hövels and they all are tasty!We are not for nothing call “Beertown” ,hehe.But from time to time a glass of wine is fine,too.It doesnt only have medical advantages (in moderation;) Don´t drink two bottles now,hehe) it is really relaxing after work…

How much do your feel the economic crisis, how much do you experience the things, which are going on in the wold? In your opinion who can be responsible for it?

There was a lot of shit going on here. For example:In my fathers factory (kurzarbeit?) reigned.The workers only earned 60 per cent of their earnings or were dismissed.They feared the demise of their own existence and how to feed their families,because a lot of them don´t have the qualification to get a better job.

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?
A. bite it and eat it.
B. make it shine and put it away.
C. cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.
D. trade it for a pear… :}

I think I´m happy enough. I would give the apple to somebody who needs it more.

Have you got a message to the readers of Fémforgács?

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Last words?

In 50 years before i´ll die 😉

I hope we can meet in Hungary at a really killer concert of yours, take care!

The time will show. I hope so! Take care!


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