General Chaos interview!

I’m sure that most of you all remember the robustful debut album of the german group,they really convinced me at the first time, but i had something else in mind too. Because the guitarist in General Chaos is Hendrik Bache, who we can know from Protector, or Dew-Scented formations, or here plays Florian Müller too, who was a member of Dew and Crack Up too. And also here plays Carsten “Antek” Rudo, who is responsible for the rythm section and was a member of Such a Surge. That’s why i thought this would be the perfect moment to make a postumus interview of broken up bands. Unfortunatelly Hendrik Bache didn’t nod on my idea, that’s why i didn’t ask out Florian Müller. However Antek welcomed my idea, so soon i’m going to publish a little german crossover history too, haha – uncountable thanks to Jan! But until then please read the answers of Antek and the bass guitarist, Henrik Schwaninger.

Please tell us about General Chaos’s present and past! If my information is not mistaken, you are still on a tour, or have you just finished it recently?

Henrik: Let´s start with the past! When Such a Surge split up Antek started to make riffs and write songs. Since we´ve all been knowing each other for many years one after another came on board the new band. I was the last to join about 2 years ago. And about the present, it´s just great! The album has been released and now we want to play live as much as we can!

Antek: Henrik and i are working as backline techs. We are touring a lot and our schedule is strict. We try to catch some shows for General Chaos in between.

How did the public received your debut?

Antek: A mix out of whatever, terrifying fear, unbearable bliss, and the most important question in human history: Why?

There are rumours about, that General Chaos is only a side project, and in fact the band is not active, they just realized a CD. What is true about this?

Antek: we are definetly not a side projekt. At this time there is no activity because of our strict schedules. We look forward to do some shows in april and maybe we get a chance to play some festivals in the summer. We really love performing on stage!

What does it feel like to work together with musicians as Hendrik Bache or Florian MüllerWhat do you know of Crack Up’s break up and its circumstances?

Antek: i think i get more stupidity into my life since i have met them, hehe… I don´t know anything about Crack Up´s break up. Maybe Flo knows something because he played a tour with them.

Henrik: It´s great to play with them, especially as we´ve all been friends for ages but never played together. The are always joking and talk a lot of shit. But i guess that´s what we all do…

Who made the cover, and what are the lyrics about? Would you emphasize some?

Antek: The painting of the cover was done by Fabian Fuhrberg the master of acrylic paintbrush armageddon. He is a good friend from Berlin. He rented an atelier and painted everthing by hand. We really didn´t want another digital infested piece of boring artwork with open bodies and stupid corpses hanging in the woods.

Our lyrics are more about personal live experiences then fictional stories about unicorns, massmurders ( unicorn massmurders: what a great name for a song! ). the song Swedeheart is about our bass player Henrik.he is half swedish. When he gets drunk he always talks to loud, burns his money to the last penny for bollocks and when coming home he sings „Reign in Blood”. Black As Disease is a very personal text about a friendship going apart.

How much are you glad with Cyclone Empire, as a label and how that come you made a contract with them? Did they contact you or you were looking for a label for Camaity Circus?

Antek: We were looking for a label and finally get CE on the hook. We are very satisfied with them. They are real metal fans and very into it. I call them (en-)cycolpedia empire.

Henrik: They are totally into the band and really dig us! They even agreed on doing the digipak and poster cover because they like the artwork so much!

Please tell me 5 favourite thrash and 5 favourite death metal materials or HC, you know my dude!

Slayer reign in blood
Autopsysevered survival
Entombedwolverine blues
Metallica kill ´em all
Death leprosy
Morbid angelaltars of madness
Merauder masterkiller
Malevolent creationeternal
S.O.D. speak english or die
Anthraxamong the living
Bon Jovislippery when wet

Mine goes to eleven, hehehe… don´t forget ,Motörhead Guns´n´roses, New york dolls, Alice Cooper, The ramones, Kiss, Misfits and The sex pistols!

Exhorder The Law
Exhorder Slaughter in the vatican
AutopsyRetribution for the dead
Slayer Reign in Blood
ObituaryCause of death
EntombedWolverine blues
DownDown 2
DeathSpiritual healing
Merauder Masterkiller
MetallicaMaster of puppets

Did you read my article about it? (there will be an english version too, only i don’t have much time, and that’s why i want to apologize for the delay from you, and from Jan too, but i did not wanted to come up with quicky questions)

Henrik: We read the article but unfortunately no one of us speaks Hungarian… somebody tried to translate but i´m not sure if he got everything right… but from what we understood it sounds great! But we are looking forward to read your official translation soon!

Antek: Godzilla is asking for a dance!

Henrik: hehe, that´s very good! I say: a musical monstertruck show fueled by burgers and beer! In stereo! Hehe…

In the meantime it was done, you can read it here!
Beer or wine?

Henrik: wine is fine but whisky´s quicker, suicide is slow with liquor! That´s what ozzy says in suicide solution!
Beer is great for a night out in town with the boys but when it comes to a date and dinner with a girl i might switch to wine!

Antek: You don´t spend money on dates. You always come right to the point.
I prefer beer. I hate heartburn from vine.

How much do your feel the economic crisis, how much do you experience the things, which are going on in the wold? In your opinion who can be responsible for it?

Henrik: to be honest i personally do not feel a crises that much. Money is always short for musicians, no matter a crises or not, hehe…

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?
A. bite it and eat it.
B. make it shine and put it away.
C. cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.
D. trade it for a pear… :}

Antek: E. i would marry it.

Henrik: Good one again! But if Antek eats an apple he´ll get sick because his body is not used to healthy food! He only eats french fries, döner kebap, burgers and currywurst, whatever that is in english…

Have you got a message to the readers of Fémforgács?

Henrik: Buy our album! We need the money to buy more Autopsy Live bootlegs and burgers for Antek, hehe… contact us if you want to book us for some shows! And check out our videoclip for the song Black Belt!

Last words?

Antek: Not dead yet!

Henrik: Famous last words of the second Carnivore album: take it easy!

I hope that one day you will have a gig in Hungary too, because your music is adequatly bounder, modern and barbarian for the inland youth to get your chaos know in real too!

Henrik: that would be great! We hope somebody books us for some shows in hungary! We would love to present the Calamity Circus in your country! If somebody wants to contact us for booking some shows go to
Or look for GeneralChaosOfficial on Facebook!

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