Such A Surge interview!

Hello Antek! First of all I have to thank you in the names of the readers too that you said yes to this interview. That question would be obvious, that have Such a Surge ever given an interview to a hungarian fanzine or web’zine, and have you ever had a concert in Hungary?

Unfortunately I never was in Hungary with Such a Surge and I can´t remember that we had done an interview. 80 procent of the lyrics were german. For that reason we toured almost always in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You are a member of the band since almost the beginnings, your progenitor was drumming there only for four years, and you were there for a decade. The group is inactive since 2006, is it a brake up or just a really long break?

We just quit in 2006. We did a very good farewell tour in the beginning of 2006. Some of us needed a change in their life.

Why did they choose the name: Such a Surge, and why did you write the lyrics in three different languages? Here I think of your mother tongue, english and french. Overally what are the songs about, and do you have a personal favourite, and if yes, why that one?

The former drummer Daniel came up with this idea. One of our singers lived in Zaire (Congo) till he had turned 16. There he learned to speak french. But the most lyrics are in german. Such a Surge was the first band who combined hard music with german language. And it was really fresh to do this. This was the key to success. We picked the right issues and hit the bullseye.

My personal favorite records are the last two records. “Rotlicht ” and “Alpha“. They are totally different. Productionwise and because two different guys played guitar on these albums. I love the drums on “Rotlicht.” I had a lot of space to create different stuff.

Some members have left the band, like djs, drummers and guitarists, why were these changings so common in Such a Surge, and if you’d have to label the band, what would it be? Crossover? Rapcore? Freely advanced HC?

it´s crossover with a punkrock- attitude.
We had 3 changes of band members in 14 years. This is not remarkable.

Which is your favourite album and what things had a great impact on you?

I think of music, literature, art, films, politic or the everydays’ grey continuity. I´m influenced by inspector Clouseau, Louis de Funes, Exhorder (The Law), Slayer, Obituary, Entombed, Ramones, the drumming on Nevermind (Nirvana), The Art of Rebellion (Suicidal Tendencies), South of Heaven (Slayer) and Haribo.

The band had 600 concerts, what it feels like to think back of the past? How much have you been known – because Alpha and Nuclear Blast realized your materials, and your early ones was realized by Epic. None of these labels are underground.

There a some concerts I can remember. But the most are vanished away. When you perform on stage your getting into another dimension. I can´t hold these memories. This is too bad.

Such a Surge wasn´t an underground band. We had a very good time with Epic. They really supported us. They never told us what to do. They trusted us. If you sell enough records, working with a major is no problem.

I can´t understand these discussions. The music counts. For me as a fan it´s not important were my favorite band is signed to. It´s out of my business.

What is feels like to be the subject of an interview, which is about a band, which is practically do not exist today? As I asked earlier, is it temporaly or not? Do you keep in touch with the members?

Yes, we meet sometimes. We are still friends. But I can´t think of a playing together again. So do they.

Please tell a little about yourself! What are you doing besides drumming, where do you live, how old are you, do you have a family and how that come, that you joined General Chaos?

I live in cologne now, and working as a guitar and drum tech. After the farewell tour with such a surge i started to play guitar and wrote songs for General Chaos. It took almost four years to create the “Calamity Circus“-album.

Why did not Hendrik Bache want to make the Protector interview? Do you know the mentioned band? What do you know of the broke up of that group?

He was playing together with the drummer of Protector. Maybe he got the rights of the bandname. But it wasn´t really Protector. In the early days Protector were cult. I know them for very long time. Missy, the singer did some additional vocals on my first demo in 1989 (parricide).

You had concerts with bands like Dog Eat Dog or Biohazard, what it felt like to do a whole tour with these musicians? Do you have a great story or a personal experience?

I joined Such a Surge after these tours had happened. Some of my personal highlights were the german version of the Ozzfest. We played there with Ozzy and Black Label Society.

Do you follow with attention the international crossover scene, can you choose one band, in which you see fantasy?

Honestly, I´m not really into crossover. The only crossover record I listen to is result may very from Limp Bizkit. There are amazing songs on this album and the drumming is the best you can get in “crossover-drumming”.

Do you know anything of your musician-fellows’ present? Do any of them play somewhere? First of all I would be interested in any personal projects of your djs, I think of Dj royal t and rock Dj Handtrix.

Royal t is still working as a dj. Axel (bass player) is working as a music-manager, Olli (singer) is doing graphics in a booking agency, dennis (guitars) is studying art, Michel (singer) is studying something and performed at the theatre.

What do you think of the strengthening neonazi movements, wild capitalism, or the long gone communism in your country? You can be as honest and free-spoken as you want to be. I believe this interview became really personal, and for this opportunity I really thank you very much, and I also grateful for the help of my promotion collegue, JAN.

Neonazi-mindset is the most poisoned, dangerous and disgusting brainfuck ever. I was to young to understand what really happened in the GDR.

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?

A. Bite it and eat it.
B. Make it shine and put it away.
C. Cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.
D. Trade it for a pear… :}

Honestly, my new apple is happiness!

Thank you really much again for the opportunity, and I can’t wish anything else, but success and a good health, and if some days Such a Surge would re-group, I would like to see them definitely. Unfortunatelly because of the big distance I could only get your CDs, thus I don’t have any personal experience, nor common photos, or dedicates, but as its a practice so say; what is delayed may come later, haha!


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