Sonne Adam interview

– Please talk about the metal scene of Israel! Are there clubs, shops, local people in boots and metal t-shirts on the streets etc.?

(Davidov) There are, but we don’t belong to all of that “scene stuff”.

– Your lyrics are about occultism, blasphemy. What do people think about you in your deeply religious country? I mean, are they offensive? Whats the feedback of the audience on your local concerts? Do you often have shows?

(Dahan) Israel is still not controlled by religion. There are some rules that are bound to religion, but nothing too special. We are now working hard and rehearsing a lot. We still haven’t performed live in Israel, but we aim to perform live around May for our album release show.

– What do you think about religious fanatics?

(Davidov) We don’t give a shit about that.

– I guess neither of you are Jahve believers… what do you think about christianity and new age christian churches?

(Davidov) We don’t give a shit about that either.

– Did you read Kobi Farhi’s statement about your neighbour contries? What do you think about it?

(Davidov) The Middle East carry a lot of tension that will eventually be resolved in a great bloodshed, just like in Europe. There is not a lot we can do about it. As individuals we don’t believe in this war and as any other SANE human being we want peace, but it will not happen soon. Everybody knows the wounds are too deep right now.

– What do you think about that (conspirational?) theory, which says its jews controlling everything in the most powerful positions of the world, even the current economical crisis is connected to them…

(Davidov) Yes, we actually do have a secret society. I just got back from the
meeting and the blood was delicious.

– Please tell a few words about your new album, Transformation… whats the difference between it and Armed With Hammers?

(Dahan) The sound on “Transformation” is tending more on the warmer side of things comparing to “Armed with Hammers”. On “Armed with Hammers” we did everything ourselves on our gear, including mixing and mastering, on “Transformation” we wanted a richer production and went to a proper studio, this doesn’t mean we didn’t like the sound on “Armed with Hammers”, it’s simply about what fits the music best. Musically, we always believe in taking our music to different places. Staying at the same place is stupid. People who liked “Armed with Hammers” will probably connect to “Transformation”, but it’s not the same at all when you go down the details.

– Will The Sun is Dead be released then finally? Whats the progress about it?

(Dahan) Sure. It will be out on 7″ sometime between around late 2011 hopefully. The music is ready, but we need to do all of the artwork and shit. But first we want to concentrate on getting Transformation out properly.

– You have recently been signed to Century Media. What new benefits do you expect of this cooperation? Are you going to tour in Europe/other continents?

(Dahan) There are a lot of benefits signing to a major label. Touring is much more possible now, which is what we really wanna do nowadays. Being from Israel and trying to tour is nearly impossible, so we had to get this kind of help to push our band forward. Some people from the underground scene think this is a sellout move, well, we invite them to move to Israel and make an oldschool death metal band and try to cut it as a band who wanna perform live around the world. They will most likely fail.

– Does your contract with your label offer the ability of shooting a music video as well?

(Dahan) No.

– If you have any messages to the hungarian readers: last words belong to you…

(Dahan) Thanks for the interview.

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