Voodoocult interview


Hi Markus! I asked you befire the Sodom interview about the idea, that we should talk about the Voodoocult. Tank you so much in the name of the readers too. But I think, just a few people could remember this projekt of Philip Boa, because since then there it has lasted 16 years. How does it feel to think back to the years of that time?

Voodoocult was a big step for me to get more known in the metal scene, so i am still very proud to be a part of it. At this time I was pretty young and had to replace one of the most popular drummers in the metal scene (Dave Lombardo) and this was very hard to handle. I spent a lot of time in rehearsing and practicing at home. But in the end i had a very good time with all of highs and lows……

Why did the band split up, and how you became the drummer in it?

In case that Voodoocult was just a project, it was a question of time that the band spilt up. I became the drummer, because Dave left the band Waldemar Sorychta , who use to be the guitarist at the time, asked me if I would join them. That was easy, hahahahaha

Did you like to work with musicians like Gabby Abularach or Jim Martin?

Of course. I was pretty young at this time (24) and the experience to work with these guys was great for me. Jim even showed me how to party in Los Angeles, that was fun….

I’ve herad a lot of bad things about Philip Boa. What kind of person was him? I’ve readin an interview, that his musicians were only „puppets” ,that have to play what he says?

No, that’s a rumor. I still live next to him. I had a really good time with him in the past and I can not say anything against him. He was and is a nice guy…

At this time, Moses Pellberg played the samplers at the band, I liked his industrial-noise-electro themes. Do you know anything about him? Does he play or played music anywhere?

Yes, he is playing the drums for Philip Boa and the Voodooclub now.

What are the lyrics about, and was it difficult to paste them into this project? And, what was the story behind this whole Voodoocult? When did you started it, and when did you split up?

I really don’t know about the Lyrics, these were just words out of Phil’s weird mind, hahahaha. I started to play drums for them 1994 and we spit up 1996 I guess…

Waldemar Sorychta was also a member of Voodoocult as the Despair. Who was first in this band, and when the legendary thrash band, the Despair disbanded?

Waldemar joined Voodocult first. As Dave Lombardo left the band Waldemar asked me, if I want to join the band.

Let’s talk about yourself, please! How old are you, what do you do besides playing the drums, and what do your family think about your music?

I am 40 years old now (born 1971). Besides playing drums, which is my passion, I just have my family. I have two kids and a wife. My family stands behind me when it comes to music. That’s really important for a musician that the family is behind the things you are doing.

Is the Voodoocult was just a studio project, or have you ever played live?

Of course we’ve played live. We did a few tours in Europe. But it weren’t that many dates.

How many times do you spent in the studio, and what could you tell about the recording?

I spent about 1 week for the drumrecordings. For the last album (“Voodoocult) we spent 4 weeks in Los Angeles to record. It was reaaly relaxed and we had a lot of fun with Jim and the other musicians like Gabby and Dave

Is it or was it any favourite song for you from the album? Could you bring your own ideas to this band’s music?

I think I have no favourite song on this album. All drumparts are my ideas, so I could have done whatever I liked to do.

As I know, Philip Boa keep this project still alive, but now it’s called Voodooclub. Do you know anything about it?

Not really. I just know that they are still working on it and they are still touring..

Both of the Voodoocult albums were released by Motor Music, and this label handles the Rammstein albums since the beginning. Is it a random thing or the company gave a change for the growing industrial metal bands?

No idea… sorry

How do you feel now in Sodom? And what do you think about the show in Budapest? Are you satisfied with the hungarian audience?

I am very proud to play in a band like Sodom, they are cult…. The gig I Budapest was one of the best on this tour… The crowed is crazy, I really enjoyed it. After the show I went to the crowed and signed so many tickets and shirts and and and…

Was it a surprise for you, that I asked you about the Voodoocult before the interview? Do you feel, that this projekt was an important part of your past, and how could you describe the music you played here?

Yes, it was a surprise, but I enjoyed it pretty much, because somebody recognized me hahahaha. As I said before, it was really important for me and my future in the metal scene… The music I played there was my kind of style, so I liked it of course…

Do you listen to any industrial music? And by the way, what kind of music do you listen to?

No, I am not into indusgrial music so much. I don’t think that Vodoocult had any industrial parts in their music. I listen to all kind of music, because I think it is very important, especially for a drummer to know many kinds of styles and music…

Besides these bands, you played the drums in a band called Flaming Anger. What we should know about this band?

I just did one gig for them as a session musician. Flaming Anger was just a local band from my hometown…

If you should list 5 albums that changed your life, what could you tell me?

Metallica —- Ride the Lightning
Iron Maiden —– Powerslave
Iron MaidenLive after Death
Slayer —– Reign in blood
Sting —- all this time

Which band is, that you’re the most proud of it, where you played the drums?

I am proud of all the bands I use to play for….

Other things; how much do your feel the economic crisis, how much do you experience the things, which are going on in the wold? In your opinion who can be responsible for it?

No comment…..

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?

A. bite it and eat it.
B. make it shine and put it away.
C. cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.
D. trade it for a pear… :}


Have you got a message to the readers of Fémforgács?

Stay metal and please accept me in Sodom…….

Would you like to say something at the end?

I want to say thanks for all Fans of Sodom, I hope you will accept me in the band and join the concerts we will do in the future….

Thank you so much for the answers, hope this interview was enjoyable and nostalgic, not only for me, for you too. The second Voodoocult album was determining industrial metal at my teenage years. I’m proud of myself, that after this long time, I could ask questions – which were answered too – that I’ve thought about since I was 15-16 years old. I hope, that you will grind the orange with the Sodom (Agent Orange) for a long time, haha!


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