Obscene Extreme 2010

gf: O.K., first off, some folks criticized us because we write too much about the bands themselves in our reviews and people prefer to read stories. And they did it rightfully, since it’s the Obscene Extreme, the most freak-friendly festival of the world after all. So, this is how we tried to write this live review. Let’s get to it then!

Stench: This year, the Obscene Extreme fest has been held on the 12th occasion. Since the beginning, the venue was Trutnov, it’s only last year that the party moved to Svojsice. Luckily, though, it returned to good old Trutnov this year, which is the best festival area that I have ever been to. There is a supermarket nearby, a restaurant with huge portions of food at the entrance. In case you haven’t heard, it’s a VEGETARIAN festival, so you can only get vegetarian food in there. In fact, I ate so many vegetables, it made me fart, ha ha. And, comparing to the previous years, the choice was bigger.

gf: We are usually already there for the opening day. There are changes in the traffic at the end of the trip, along the last 100 kilometers every year because of road constructions and we usually take a several hour detour but Stench can complain about it more.

Stench: We departed from the Budapest East railway station on Wednesday but to get out of the city center was already rather troublesome. There are road works everywhere and they talk about the construction of a 4th metro line but I realized that they are actually building a nuclear waste storage area underneath Budapest. The adventures continued in the Czech Republic. First, we weren’t able to leave the motorway because the exit was closed, then our GPS misled us (it wasn’t the female voice but a male voice, unknown to us) and we barely could by a motorway sticker because of it.

gf: Amidst all this confusion, we drove through some “almighty raven dark black metal forest” but didn’t meet any people with squirrel or panda paint on.

Stench: We got there at about 5 PM. After some mishaps, we found the entrance, since a girl with a “CREW” wristband told us: „one-zero-zero meter camp”. We asked other things as well, but all she could reply was this. We liked this so much I went back to make a voice recording of it. Check the link! LOL

Stench: We picked up our wristbands. It was plain to see that Curby (the main promoter) cheered for Argentina from the football participant countries since the wristband was an Argentine banner.

Stench: There have been a few changes comparing to the arrangements from two years ago. The camping area and the festival area used to be together but this time they were separated. We had to walk some more but it was O.K. Those who were smart enough (just like us, ha ha) could find themselves a place in the shade.

gf: That’s right. After picking up the tickets, we put up the tents and came to the conclusion that we will surely not leave the area by car. The reason for it was that the parking in the camping was organized rather randomly, not the precise German way. In fact, there was a barricade around us on the first day.

Stench: So, we got there and put up the tents, then we tasted Laci‘s home made ultra brutal, at least 65 degree alcoholic drink that we weren’t able to finish until the end of the festival. Only a handful of people drank of it twice. LOL

gf: Twice? There was that poor guy from the crowd that was offered some of it in the beer tent. He was courageous enough to taste it and then he threw up in the middle of the table. And there were two girls in front of him, eating – until that point, at least…

Stench: A few words about the merch tents: these were placed up the woods. I guess those guys liked the idea because they didn’t have to suffer in the heat all day long. The choice was great, as usual, and there was also that tent where they sold rings and all kinds of silver jewels. I have never seen anyone there, though, ha ha. Grinders weren’t that much into silver stuff. As for the official festival merch, there was nothing I really liked, that was rather crappy.

gf: Meanwhile, the evening came. We exchanged food & drink tickets because that’s how it goes here. Thank God the prices were reasonable, although the organization, again, was “typically Czech”: only one beer pump and about 30 minutes of standing in a queue.

Stench: We went in to the festival area to buy a beer and it was disappointing to see that only one guy was selling beer and that there was a 15 meter long queue in front of him. We bought a beer, then went back to the end of the queue, while I made interviews with some local folks but we couldn’t publish them because they are rather indecent. LOL

gf: To make it clear, Stench put his telephone in everybody’s face after a couple of drinks and told them what came to his mind 🙂

Stench: Then we found that thing called „vomit maker”. It’s such a brutal machine that spins around and around. Just what drunken people need, it surely makes everyone puke after 2 or 3 spins, ha ha. Söndör checked it out but luckily, he could keep the beer inside.

gf: Oh yeah, there was this amusement park part this year. An orb shaped metal thing, that is. It took two tickets to try it out. Once you got in, they started spinning the machine like crazy, that’s why we named this stuff vomit maker (the sing said “womit machine”). The fun lasted until the cops stopped it because on the second day, a drunken guy reached out his hand while being taken for a spin. So, guess what happened to him…

Stench: The next day was full of beer, wine, food, smoke etc. Ha ha! We went to good old Hypernova that is now called Albert and it was amazing to see that the awesome Krusovice beer still sells so cheap and that there was that camel toe like roll with sausage. LOL Oh yeah, ant that spinach like stuff (“gonorrhea pussy”). I found a lot of glittery 42 size women shoes. What kind of woman grows so big she must wear 42 size shoes. Or could it be Czech girls have such huge feet?

Stench: The heat was brutal but the shower beside the beer tent was a great idea. You could stand underneath and enjoy the 18 degree shower . Man, it was cold! LOL Sometimes the festival looked as if there were only about 80 people because everybody was looking for a shade to hide in. That was the day our friend Kulcs sold a CD from the band Vile Disgust to a totally knocked out French guy at a record price. Many thanx on behalf of the bad, dude. LOL

gf: So, we spent our time drinking until 3 PM, then we checked out Purulent Jacuzzi, a brutal death band from Russia. I wasn’t impressed but Söndör enjoyed their show and he even bought a t-shirt of the band. We already saw Cerebral Bore a month ago at the Death Feast. They are basically a no name band but at least a crashing bore in return 🙁 We thought Sexy Police would be an all-female band that plays Police covers and perform a Rock Bitch like show on stage. Now, that wasn’t a good guess. Mucus from France was probably the band with the funniest name from the line-up, at least for our hungarian ears. Eardelete, with half of the Jig-Ai line-up, kicked fuckin’ ass. Otherwise, they call their style „nasa grind” and their original name was Negligent Collateral Collapse.

gf: Then we moved our asses outside to get some food because only vegetarian food was available at the area. On the one hand, it’s pretty cool as Curby is committed to the cause. On the other hand, I only liked the cheese. That, however, was outstanding. It didn’t take long to find some meat. Right at the entrance, there is a restaurant where you can stuff yourself for just a few Czech crowns.

gf: Meanwhile, we ran into a humongous Danish punk girl with green hair who was bitching about how expensive this festival was with beer for more than 1 euro and asking for a cigarette, drink and food. I guess it’s quite easy to understand why I told her to fuck off. I hate things like that. She just should have picked up a few cups from the ground. It would have taken about an hour to earn enough money in this way to get drunk.

gf: By the time we got back, General Surgery started to play. We saw them at the Brutal Assault a couple of years. Their stage presence is really unique: they are dressed up like surgeons in blood stained clothes and the vocalist with a long beard is something to remember, too. See the pics below for a few more surprises.

gf: And so, the time has come for the show I really looked forward to and I’m talking about Cattle Decapitation from the US. I think it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that The Harvest Floor was one of the most outstanding death metal albums of the year 2009. Given that they were one of the headliners on that day, it was surprising to see only 20 people in front of the stage and thousands watching the band bored from the seats of the open air movie theater. Seems like they don’t have an audience here in Europe. Although they have been around for nearly 15 years, it was (to the best of my knowledge) their first appearance here. They are total psychos and the show was the perfect proof. The drummer from Sleep Terror dictated such an incredible pace and vocalist Travis Ryan was also awesome spitting up in the air and letting it falling back on him. I don’t accuse them taking cocaine because the members are all straight edge guys. I was not really satisfied with the sound, the instruments buried the vocals, at least that’s what I heard from the first row. They played my favorite songs, the first few tracks and the last tune of The Harvest Floor album. That was also one of the rare occasions our friend Kulcs wanted to stage dive. He’s well above 100 kg and there were just the two of us to catch him. I collapsed below him and my knee is still skinned since then, while he got his camera damaged.

gf: What makes Obscene famous is that you are allowed to stage dive or to jump and I think it’s only possible at the most debauched punk events in Europe nowadays. And those maniacs are climbing up the stage on all fours, so you can only guess how many people are there in the front to see the band itself and how many people just came for the sake of the healthy lifestyle (sport). By the way, there are a lot of exhibitionists on stage, some show everyone their dicks wearing nothing but red panties and then jump. It surely makes you puke to catch people like that but sometimes it’s possible to find a girl wearing a mini skirt and transparent panties. I saw some really cool ideas and we will use them with our band next year. Just wait and see. People will still talk about it after a few years. But back to the attendance, no matter how unknown a band was, if they played the really primitive brutal death metal, thy could always shake up the crowd. I could bring up a lot of examples from this year or from 2009, so it would be probably worth it to bring less d-beat / crust punk bands and to invite more death metal bands. And it’s not just a matter of taste for me.

Stench: Hell Show was even more boring then it usually is. I had enough of the chicks with knitting needles in their asses and went to sleep after the half of it.

gf: From the second day’s bands, the first remarkable one was Funerus, an old school death metal trio from the States with John McEntee from Incantation as the boss and his wife Jill as vocalist and bassist.

Stench: On Friday, I found the bands so poor I almost fell asleep sitting upstairs. It was a crashing bore. The crowd certainly felt the same because during certain shows, only a few people were in front of the stage. It made a lot more sense to go to buy some merchandise or to do anything else.

gf: Rompeprop, who behaved kind of cocky at the Death Feast (O.K., I understand their anger because of the stage brought down but why drag the audience down as well?), showed what it was about this time. They were easy going and entertaining. Well designed show, as expected. They surely like Obscene which they don’t just say. Otherwise it would not be possible to meet them in person even if they don’t play. As part of the great fun, they even asked the fans to climb on the stage, the more the better. So about 50 animals were up there 🙂 The fact that the vocalist only allowed men to get up there was even more gross. He also said: “fuck women, we don’t need them” which might as well be the devise of the Dutch gay parades.

Stench: So, the first show that didn’t suck was the gig of Rompeprop at about 8 in the evening. They made up for the two „minus” shows that I saw from them the last time. Among some others, the vocalist thanked the two stage divers dressed up like bananas for their active participation. See more pics of them in the gallery.

gf: After their show, the crowd has gone, a lot less people watched Master although they have been around and releasing albums for nearly three decades. By the way, Paul “Mr. Beard” Speckmann is living in the Czech Republic, according to the Metal Archives. I have no idea how Cripple Bastards from Italy got so popular during the recent years, maybe they are only popular here – in any case, a lot of people watched them. Haemorrhage needs no introduction, these Spaniards are one of the really remarkable bands of the scene. They played a cool gig, their vocalist (a pathologist in the real life!) is the one who really runs the show, driving the audience crazy. We missed the guitarist chick, they say she’s having a baby. Otherwise, “are you a pathologist”?

gf: Well, if David Duchovny got treatment for sex addiction (hurray for the mass media!), I don’t know what the science of medicine would do with the vocalist of 2 Minute Dreka. Even the screen showed hardcore porn.

Stench: Saturday morning, we were lying in the camping in the shades, only to go to see the show in the afternoon. The first band we saw was Krush that played one of the best gigs. Very intense, Napalm Death like stuff, perfect.

Stench: On the way back to the camping, I ran into an improvised punk concert. It’s something we have been planning on for many years. To play in the camping, among the tents, that is. This is the future, ha ha. The band made of two guys totally lacked musical skills but played very enthusiastically.

gf: On Saturday, there were two bands that played in Hungary during the last six months. One was The Attack of the Mad Axeman, their motto is “animal grind is the future” and, accordingly, the guys were dressed up like animals on stage. Even the microphone stand looked like a sunflower. The other band was Instinct of Survival, they are from Germany and stink like hell.

gf: Unfortunately, I missed Japanische Kampfhörspiele. Time passed by somehow and I wanted to see them so bad, wondering if they could compete with Excrementory Grindfuckers live show wise. Maybe someday… After Bloody Phoniex (who had to cancel their show here because of a leg injury some years ago) came the Spanish psycho death metallers of Avulsed. On their albums, you can hear the influence of their country but nothing of it could be heard live. During the Misery Index show the rain got really strong and it didn’t stop until the next day. My tent, my sleeping bag and even the car got all wet. Nonetheless, I slept in the car and it had its consequences…

Stench: After a heat of 40 degrees came the rain along with a brutal lightning. It reached us in the camping. We got into the tent of our French friends and stuck there. The joints they smoked were so huge I mixed myself an absinth cola in fear. And then four more…

gf: Yes, Stench drank a bottle of absinth all alone on that day. I have no idea how he did that, he could even speak more or less the way he normally does. The fun he had on the hill is said to have started before the absinth, although it would be a lot easier to explain it with that, right?

Stench: I can’t remember that much because of the absinth. When I was about to come to my senses, I fell to the ground on he side of the hill – and got a round of applause! Needless to say, absinth had something to do with that, too. I took a bow and went to the shower, then, all wet, back to the car.

Stench: I changed socks and got back to the festival area, right when Amputated started and that was the band I was really looking forward to seeing at the festival. I was so damn lucky to catch them. It was an awesome show. When they left, the crowd started to punch the stage, so they wanted to play another tune but the stage manager said no. Precision is a good thing but it sucks to be the 68th band at such a festival, especially if you play so late. What would one more song (three more minutes) matter?

Stench: Then came Xaros from France. They were all right. A bit too noisy, though. Pretty good but not my cup of tea. During changeovers, they played the Dallas theme and the crowd danced to it. LOL They also played Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell that you surely know from the Pulp Fiction movie. Remember the scene when Travolta and Uma Thurman get high and dance? Female fronted Lycanthropy (Czech Republic) was the last band. They were pretty cool, lots of blast beats, short songs. I would not listen to their records but they were good live.

Stench: Just one negative remark regarding the festival: there was not a fucking toilet around in the camping area. The first Toi-toi was about 5 minutes away, although we were in the front of the camping.

gf: And many people didn’t really care about anything, shitting and pissing wherever they liked…

Stench: We haven’t heard of any theft. Hopefully, it only happened in Svojisice and will never ever occur again. All my respect to the audience, they were dressed up very funny. There were lots of people wearing masks and / or costumes and that was pretty entertaining.

Stench: Unfortunately, though, the week came to an end. We had to pick up the wet tents which sucks because you have to unpack them at home so that they don’t rot away. Our French friends, however, kept it really simple leaving everything as it was. They even left a work of art to the local staff.

Stench: We’ve had plenty of adventures. All in all, it was a fantastic week. Too bad it ended so quickly. I would have stayed 4 more days. Although I fell asleep at 6:30 AM on Sunday and we woke up at about 8 AM, I wasn’t knocked out. We drank some more beers with Dávid at the sunrise, though. It’s a pity the clouds covered it all. Oh yeah, and thanx to Pavla for the free Slivovice, ha ha!

Stench: Looking forward to going back next year. Hopefully, there will be more gore grind! 😉

gf: There was a little technical mishap on the way home. If you listen to too much music in the car, drunken, that sucks your battery dry for sure. But it wasn’t the first time it happened to us and there are always some German folks to the rescue with a massive wire, so after a 30 minute struggle we overcame the swamps and left for home.

gf: To sum it all up, Obscene Extreme is a brand, as the info leaflet says. A freak friendly festival with such a freaky atmosphere and it’s not only the bands that make it worthwhile to go there. So there’s no doubt we’ll be there again next year.

For more pix, click here!

Original article translated by Viktor Tauszik of Nadir for Gorezone of Tilos Radio, thank you very much!

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