Stillness Blade

The First Dark Chapter (Misanthropic Elevation) (2007)

The band which has not so imaginative name and logo, was formed in 2002 in Lecce. The band has only 3 members, the only well-known member is Antonio Donaldeo on drums, who took part in some bigger projects, for example he helped the Vital Remains on their tour. That’s why I couldn’t understand, that they has a very small label. The sounding and the formalities are far from the desired, (CD-R, one-sided cover, but the Obskure Sombre Records is a very underground record label with a little budget), but the musical knowledge is correct, and the songs are variable and creative.

The cd contains 10 songs, and 2 music videos. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the vids because of the poor quality of the disc, and the grabbing was difficult too. What a pity, once again, because with professional sound, cover design and a bigger record label – which can promote the italian band – it was a great piece int he international scene!!!
The music of Stillnes Blade is basically death metal, the more complex side of it, which contains old school thrash and black themes too, the mid-tempos are as important, as the brutal speed, the acuostic psychosys parts, or the doom-like slowness. Many italian webzines gave maximum score to the production, and I think it’s not for supporting home bands, but because of the professionality, which gets avay in this 35 minutes. I could list a lot of influences from the thrash sphere to the black metal and the melodic death murderers, but the sounding is so bad, that the powerful pulsation become simple flapping. It makes the whole record like a demo. Max Schito (guitar and vocals) is a big fan of Dissection, it has a print in the production, but I could write more bands randolmly as Sinister, Behemoth, Necrophobic, Rotting Christ, Banished, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Capharnaum, Epidemic (not the hungarian band, the american thrashdeath legend), Delirium X Tremens, Deicide… And the surprising fact: despite these influences somewhere there are beautiful melodies, which are carries itself again with the cold waves of hate.

I’ve no idea, who did the wonderful key themes, but they are composed very well, to connect and close the songs, like in a romantic horror movie – not sentimental gothic!- but it coldn’t resolve the sound problem. It’s interesting, that these mystic atmospheres, heartbeats and similar effects make the music like they are trying to tell a story. I think it’s successfull despite the brutality. What a pity, I really hope that this complex matter will be re-recorded, with another cover, promotion, but the most important: with better sound quality, and they won’t be lost! I don’t say, that you should buy it, because the website of Obskure Sombre Records works not so well, and the band’s page is like a 10-minutes work… downloading is illegal, so this is the end of the story, and I finish my review with maximum score, a bit regreting and with big confidence…

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