When Icarus Falls

Over The Frozen Seas (2009)

Slowly a year and a half passed since i left the board of Nuskull (i don’t mention the reasons, the past always just get nicer), and that was the time when i get into contact with the formation called YOG, which moves between noiscore and progressive sickness HC (the other way Converge style), whose interview i had to bring to Fémforgács (here can be read). It seems i got into a long friendship with the band and their label too, since the swiss Get Life! Records sends me every year a promo, and every occasion i have to tell them, Nuskull is my past (as i will do that now too and attach the translated article), even so they still put before my name at the postal address, NUskull web’zine… Well, that’s life, the label woks with qualitative bands from the experimental budget until they bend that certain stick into the sickness. All of their issues are nice as musically as in printing and as in their sounding. The oddly named but also swiss When Icarus Falls moves halfway between artcore and post-rock.

I’m not wondering why Get Life! Records picked them, as the last The Evpatoria Report and Zatokrev records were also released by this label and beside this let’s take into consideration the next determining theoretical and psychedelic self-destructive scalpel influences: Mono, Cult of luna, iSiS, The Ocean, Unfold, the latter Ulver, Magyar Posse, Menomena, Microfilm and of course the undeniable Sigur Ròs.
When Icarus Falls theme’s carves the brain cortex so successfully and nicely, that this journey summed up in more than a half hour puts that kind of senses and perspectives forward, which can take effect only at certain cases, and only at bands few in numbers. Our Icarus maybe falls down into the deep with its sun-melted wax wings, but this flying is enough strong to charm the listener, and to tell out unequivocally: we are ear-witnesses of an unbelievably blue and sensefully dying, which end is the redeeming passing, even if it sounds offending. Music which owns this kind of deepness and meanings always remembers me secretly of why am i a desperate man, and why am i annoyed by existence’s pointless passivity, whirling my loved ones and myself into the direction, which is plausible at Over The Frozen Seas owns too. A simple and evident question occurs to me, why am i living, why are we living, and all in all does life have any meaning at all besides existence’s physics and breeding. What kind of circle is that, which works fine in accordance with the convections, which can be social norm or collective developed parts as (with big words) the european enlightened people or in the other hand the primitive and uncivilized parts. What is the meaning of that kind of existence, which carries from the start the seed of death, then with a slow (or a with quick and sudden proliferation) rising its slowly passes away, and if this happened, does it stays in our mind or after 25 years the unvisited grave going to be torn down, because the “eternal rest’s season ticket” expired…
I don’t want to enter into the harmony of existence and time (and its unexistence) concerning the modells of Heidegger, but maybe these thoughts were, which mostly express, what When Icarus Falls‘s crying summons.

Of course life can be perceived as the falling into nihil and nothing, without responsibility and honours, but afterwards the hard journey trought rehabilition to be again the member (maybe useful) of society, we can think of this like life is nothing else than lawful completion of dreams and desires, or maybe statutory, engineered and moments given by fate written forward or subsequently. And of course that way too, we tear down everyday a new dam, to build up another wall at another place. We can comprehend our existence any way, but this music gives much only to those people, who are basically not happy, they’ve been thinking, they’re thinking about or they’ve seen death’s any section by something(s) or by someone(s). These guys put down one of this year’s deepest and most artistical piece of material, which dissonant harmony maybe can’t be given back in live, but on a bitter autumn’s morning can give really much, when you’re thinking about: does it worthwhile to fight, to work toward the material and spiritual or intellectual happiness or welfare…

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