Profondo Rozzo (2009)

Subhuman wasn’t the luckiest name choice, since four bands are using the same one, and from these three is working under the noise and industrial sphere, one is totally metal. And this last one is our articles theme, the italian thrash-death miracle… the band started in 2001, in 2005 Delirio n°1 borned (which bears a strong resemblance with Giger‘s works on its cover work – and during this time the whole crew changed, only the deck stayed…), and last year Profondo Rozzo borned again from self-resources, which one was released by Maple Metal Records for everybody to make it legally available. I haven’t known much about this label until now, anyway the cover works and sounding of Profondo Rozzo is correct (however the booklet and the CD themselves are nicer than the outside cover) and the immanent music is not bad at all.

Music of Subhuman is a intresting hibrid of old school thrash-death elements and nowadays cores, thus variants of thrashcore and deathcore can be easily found in it in a huge amount mixed with retro circus of the 80s. The presence of modern cores are basically can be mentioned due to the modern sounding, thight themes and typical breakdown sections, however the outcome is rather a muscular and agressive thrash-death, than some kind of creation of nowadays. By the way the guys have listened to not a tiny amount of early Kreator, Sodom or Destruction, not even mentioning the melodical parts at some places, which remembers me of the presence of In Flames an At The Gates. Essentially the interesting in this 35 minutes of blood and pain colored perversion is that it’s melodical and heavy, there are nice solos, heavy riffs, straight thrash and death bursts and overally it could easily cope with nowadays similar bands. Speed’s complex games shows us the variety of themes and riffs, thus from slow grinding middle tempo this mimesis flies into black-death robostius themes.


All of the musicians are really know their places, the cd is correct too, but somehow i don’t really feel it as a totally thrash-death album, but maybe the mistake is in me, anyway it is a really neat production!

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