Murder Therapy

Symmetry of Delirium (2009)

“… her face with its slack vulgar expression would make anyone’s gorge rise, but her body was beautiful like a fragile nymph, to whom some kind of nasty magic matched a withering lustful slut’s head…”
/Fyodor Sologub – The Petty Demon/

The italian Murder Therapy is a newer Deity Down Records releasetion, and since the dutch records send me another two material, to avoid the traffic jam at my place i need to squeeze through this one too. Not that it would mean such a great fatigue or difficulty, because the bolognian crew sails with hard and massive death metal, which in style was always at a special place in my heart. Last summer The Therapy EP was released, from which not even one song had got a place on the album. The albums sounds good and the appearance is flawless as we could get used to it from Deity Down Records, and the spotless conception changes into decay.

Well, yes, Murder Therapy‘s sick lyric conceptions and musical grind set results a strong and massive death metal, which doesn’t avoid signals as brutal or complex too. In essence the italian crew could be characterize as three determining bands’ side-track, these are Morbid Angel, the latter Immolation and Icantation, which is naturally affected by recent progressive influences as the ultra complex deathcore. The sick formation disciplines through 32 minutes, in which not even at one place there are clear or cosmical offsets, which make an atmosphere as we would be really walking in a mind of a killer between mutilated woman and child’s dead bodies. Symmetry of Delirium contains that kind of troubled cohesions, which can be found in Yog, Converge and on their “mates” albums. In spite of the numerous changings it is still a linear evolution, and it can be thanked to this, that we don’t really recognize even with the deranged songs, how long is this album, freaks out, bashes, beatens and rips; splits and pours wirt hot blood the laxed fur of the paschal lamb…

This is killer music, with numerous sweets for the lovers of permanent pervertion and prostitution, or what is the exact combination of the substance called sperm?!

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