Underground 'n' Roll (2009)

From the many Devastators let’s meet the Italian one. The band was formed in 2002 in Lucca and Underground ‘n’ Roll is their fourth album. With the name thrash metal comes too, of course, from the beer-thirsting Italians. Let’s see what we’ve got!

A funny cover, which reminds me of the old time’s crossover and thrash waves, and a melodic and easy-to-digest thrash discursiveness, which musically is a lot more rock’n’roll-like than Tankard, but still counts in the beer pump aggregation. It has, of course, a big old school feeling and the little punk and crossover elements are easily discoverable too. It’s not too shallow music, but not complex either. The more than 30 minutes long sickness has the mood of a morning after a long night spent with drinking booze. Besides Tankard I’d mention bands like The Ramones, Post Mortem, Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I., M.O.D.,Ludichrist, Upset Noise, Mucky Pup, Rumble Militia, Blood Pollution, MG66 and Sacred Reich.

The most valuable parts of the album are the awesome solos. These give a rock’n’roll feeling to the tracks and these are making the simple riffs that we have heared a million times before sound energetic and new. You won’t faint but it has it’s atmosphere, the songs are colorful, the melodies are diverse and there are some really hard and aggressive waves too.

If you like Tankard, you’ll definitely like this. It’s not going to turn the world upside down, but in their own genre they gave the maximum performance with this disc. Give me a beer and let my liver drown, in a little bit more aggressive way than how the Sing-Sing said once, haha.

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