Glaukom Synod
The unspeakable horror [Demo CDr] (2010)

Let me introduce the most serious stuff of the french Glaukom Synod. The originator is Gabriel S. , whose (or his label’s, the Visceral Circuity Records) music was written about here. If I’d like to find the roots of Glaukom Synod, I should talk about an one-man project from the early 90’s, which was a mixture of computer-generated primitive noise and death metal and a lot of experimental fuck with a full of cum-loading guns. It became more serious in 2004, since then it started to growing up from the underground brainwashing. This limited (I’ve got the 48. one) CD-R with colored cover and slim case contains the better songs of Glaukom Synod and their interesting remixes, from 2007 to now, so it’s very eclectic. One thing for sure: sick and experimental, with unbelievable musical solutions, and – as other machine-based music like this – insanely eclectic.

The noisy, a little bit death metal-related music has signs of bands in its rusted body like Front Line Assembly, Front 242, :Wumpscut:, Godflesh, Die Krupps, Mental Destruction, In Slaughter Natives, Das ich, Laibach, the experimental side of Depeche Mode, or form our Local scene, the Bodega-B and Children of Haynau. Raw rhytms meet aberrated synth themes, variated or monotonius keyboard sounds and all the visions of a forge-workerman’s life. The pressure of heavy machines in the stomach of a factory, which leads us from the dictature of communism to the free-robber capitalism on a stairway. The noises and twisted beats are important in this increasing nightmare, the spitting words of distorted hate is just an extra.
I’s not an easy listening stuff, but if you like the genre, it’s worth to take time, because in this style a lot of worse stuff than this. Of course, the Glaukom Synod doesn’t change the history of IDM and EBM, but it’s a great piece in the french electro-industrial-noise scene. There are a lot of variety in themes, the basic is the depressing mid-tempo, but somewhere you can find grindcore-like short scenes. Elsewhere, there are slow and dying songs like Fertilizer (one of the best songs from The Unspeakable Horror) or the ringing and beating Adaptation (Absorb), or the abridged Formol Junkie.
If you like this style of music, or simply interested in, try it. Of course, it’s made with samplers and computers, with a few relaiton to metal. But the world is so colorful, that we should own a bit from every tones of it – the rating of stuff like this is always subjective!

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.