Evoke Thy Lords & Riders on the Bones
Twoface [Split]

2010. október 16.

Please, meet with two little russian bands, which musicality in the first row will be really flavoured for the lovers of gothic and doom, the wind of disappointment is closed out, since this mystical rug comes from a city named Novosibirsk, its sanguine and painfully fringes are filthy by the past, and it’s only waiting for the time, when you step on it… The sounding is deep and correct, and the puritanity of externals are perfectly express, which this two bands wanted to tell us. The double-faced cover was a good idea, since the bands show different faces to us, and the disc was only limited to 500 issues!

Our first racer formed in 2002, and named Evoke Thy Lords, their music and lyrics are deeply impregnated by dreams’ gloomy lands and Lovecraft’s nightmares (however in my opinion is enough to look at the logo, it is a typical Cthulhu theme). It is a perceft mate for the discovery of cut-off lands of imaginations and cemeteries, and it guarantees the creeps, stucked melancholy and painfully squirm in the swamp of pleasure. Five young musicians and Irina Lovchikova as a vocalist show us the different perspectives of beauty and deepness. Worm-eaten Tree starting of piano and flute is a typically invites us into a mystical medieval world, the songs on the split are all of the russian impression of the early Amorphis, as the cover of Black Winter Day refers of that too. It’s stunningly gives back the originate (and gives to it a interesting effect with the vocal) and shows us on which conception did the russians start their route. The acoustical transitions are nice, and it does not seem too dense, nor kitschy inspite of the varied instrument usage. Only Seared by Eerie Might stands out from the row, where they give much more space for guitars and instrumental part, but in overall it is a date too with the early Amorphis, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, and it could be played on the radio too.

The other side of the split is ruled by the also russian Riders on the Bones, the starting The Prophecy could be an introducing part of a fantasy game or film too, however the continuation is a rumbling whirl of heavy riffs and sick keyboard-themes. The band’s elemental style is doom-death with added experimental synthetiser clouds. The conception of lyrics are the same as at their mate. By the way Riders on the Bones is a work of one person, even we can’t feel the help of computers and the big bunch of guest musicians, since Lefthander made a really nice play with the different equalizing. If i have to pick a style, then it would be the early My Dying Bride and Anathema poured down with a big amount of arabian culture. At numerous places we can hear monumental classical streamings, which makes stronger the impression of dreaming. While Evoke Thy Lords walkes the route of an orthodox gothic-doom band, with added folk and death impacts, till then the one-man formation is the lover of odd solutions and doom-death.
Who are into russian doom stuffs, to those this split will be an ultimate win, which is not free of mistakes and the question of individuality is not clear too, but i believe they deserve this 9.3 points with their wandering in dreamland.

március 24.
Riverside Metal Fest Riverside Metal Fest
március 24.