Existenzminimum (2007)

Let’s try to get the not too romantic concept of these italian guys. NoFuck’s from Rome, formed in 1997, yet they had a demo out in 2005 and a 2007 debut, all copyrighted, which means a burned cd and minimal cover. I don’t really understand why I got a copy of it anyway, it’s 2011 already- what a weird date, we’re growing older and older, where’s our youth gone by…

Musically these italian guys are thrash metal, the kind where raw death metal’s mixed with primitive math, Meshuggah’s influence is undeniable. The sound’s ok, though could have done better, the bass is grunting, the riffs are dull, the vocals are in front, typical little studio problems. They can play, but do nothing too interesting to gain the listeners attention, and do nothing too memorable. The themes come and go, somewhere more clever than elsewhere. We can hear music like this from local bands too that don’t want to evolve or grow. The outcome contains cleverness and is only interesting because the songs are about pussies, asses and so on.
The album’s title is likely referring to the eXisteNz-story, the cronenberg mis-adaptation is understandable cos of the concept, what the game life is capable of, for example getting to know the others body is something like that, the moments after intimacy you’re ripped out of the present to get into another perspective. Automatic joy and luxuriation, inner and outer picture, happiness and satisfaction, completion and exhaustion. I could be very strict and forgiving, but my behaviour will be rather nothing, should have written better songs, catchier ones, should have gained more influences if being one-of-a-kind is only possible with cooperation. This is a strong 7

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.