General Chaos
Calamity Circus (2010)

„There are two big european narcotics: alcohol and christianity.”

When we speak about General Chaos we don’t mean the 1994 game created by Sega cos that’s not a gaming-site, but the new german metal-disfigurement. This band with its circus-cover is going to release its debut on my birthday (not stripping off my ego november 12th) which was embraced by Cyclone Empire. Even the promo is like a circus sheet, but before giggling and laughing too much we need to clear up a few things, on guitars we find two big names, Hendrik Bache from ex-Dew Scented and Protector, and Florian Müller (ex-Dew Scented as well) who had some part in Crack Up too. Before we think that General Chaos’ hardcore sound hides a thrash-death band, we’d bleed out.
Here we have Antek on drums, pounding with all his muscles (he is not that known though he was in the crossover band Such a Surge from Braunschweig, which was a massive hybrid of HC, rap, metal, rap, jazz and other fusions back in 1992). The singer’s from atmospheric sludgecore HC bands like Tephra and The Ocean named Ercüment Kasalar (he does the singing in this project) these two influences are very much present in the closing song for example. Henrik Schweninger on four strings could be familiar from Uppercut, a thrash-death band that’s disbanded already. So what we could expect from these guys isn’t what we’re going to get.. so what is it then?

Calamity Circus’s (good choice for this dirty and filthy golem) style is multiple, and laughs with all its thousand faces towards the moons brightness. So what are we hearing here? Some Entombed inspired death’n’roll, Pantera’s power-thrash wave, Crowbar’s heavy hammer, as they crush Motörheads oily stones. Lets add Mastodon’s twisting leper, Pro-Pain’s, Terror’s, Cataract’s combination, plus Full Blown Chaos, Born From Pain, not even to mention 2 Ton Predator, somwhere in the back Metallica’s noisy and punky St. Anger meets with Obituary’s mass, Isis’s and Neurosis’s gloomy depth, only to laugh at satanic Slayer’s early times, and I could go on and on and on with the influences. Not quite unique what we’re hearing, but it’s good, quite good! Their video for example, Black Belt crushes Your face in its furious arrogant style, rather than my renessaince-like periods trying to explain the big truth.. 

It’s a brutal german tank, with few beers, few drops of blood, and so much contamination and mass, that everyone can find something in it, so there’s nothing else to do but close the covers, on with the march, the industrial weed-killing, lawnmoving, and the dilapidated little shanty… knives fly, glasses break, and a drunk guy’s massively fucking the stripper on the bartable. Ladies and Gentlemen the circus is on… the owner’s waiting for the fight to end and the cops to arrive!

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.