...To Light (2010)

„Aber es ist mit dem Menschen wie mit dem Baume.
Je mehr er hinauf in die Höhe und Helle will, um so stärker streben seine Wurzeln erdwärts, abwärts, ins Dunkle, Tiefe – ins Böse.”

/Friedrich Nietzsche: Werke in drei Bänden. München 1954./

The situation is that our dear readers, that sometimes anything i start to like and they come out with a new material i try to get their address, and after giving them infromation about my job at this web’zine i try to ask for a promo. I waited for a long time until this CD arrived, i was even starting to give up any hope that it’s going to arrive, since it wouldn’t be the first case when a CD earns the status of a broken promise or the post office lost it somewhere in its deepless mouth. Anyway right now my project became successful, so let’s get into a closer friendship with a russian band, who i suppose are known only by some people in this country. I hope after this production of high standard their name, Anabioz will sound familiar to more people. The band based on mainly folk-music elements and they formed in Bashkortostan, 2003. They came out with a demo in the same year, then after five years with a debut album, and last year their second album arrived too by the favour of Irond and Molot Records. The nice cover and booklet – W. Smerdulak – and the good sounding album is moving on an international level, and the music is a great mix of Doom-death sprinkled with folk elements.

If we took away the last element, then the output would give us the early Theatre of Tragedy, and that should be mentioned too, Olga‘s voice is similar to Liv Kristine‘s. By the way Olga is the songwriter (most of them are english), she is the singer as mentioned above, and the violin player. The other singer is Anton, who mainly accompanies the medium tempo music with deep rattle, sometimes with melodic singing. Beside TOT, we can mention names like Alkonost, Arkona (Арконa), but if we want to read more international names, then Korpiklaani or Týr.
A quote from Nietzsche may seem strange in a cover of a folk band, but the situation is that, it really fits into the picture, because of his individualism about tree of life and the world – the conception of lyrics were really worked out with a deeply thoughtful way, and that is true about the songs too. They put a big emphasize on the strength of variety, thus often the fast themes are choped up by slow medium tempos, shambling monstrums, torn up riffs, rock’n’roll kind of solos and by the clear voice and pain of violin. The second album of Anabioz strengthen the set, who can tear out elements from the slav culture with a strong individual magical touch. It is not a work of a master, because it is not unique, but something is certain; who is in love with this kind of music, this will be a favourite too. Relatively there is not much choir and it is not the cheerful folk about love (except Good Ale, Strong Ale, in which we find hapiness, drinking and choir in a big amount), in its bound we find bitterness and tiredness of life, even though the music is really go-ahead.

Nothing really big happened with the coming out of …To Light, we only become richer with a new great material from the land of vodkas!

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.