Phenomenon [EP] (2009)

Maybe it can be interesting, if I start the review of the greek band’s first EP with a question, but I think it’s necessary to clean: Is it worth to give a chance to a band, which goes on a way of a non-existing, but important band? When it’s a work with great quality, but just a copy? If you respect the ancestors and aren’t interested in the art of counterfeit, you have to decline the band (which started in 2005 in Thessaly), or just just listen neutrally, how they play their Emperor-based riffs and typical musical solutions. We could be the part of this for 25 minutes – it’s a mini-album or an EP, whose design is also related to the cover of the well-known and important late albums from Emperor. (They reminds me the artwork of X Equilibrium and Prometheus – The Discipline of Fire & Demise, the promo photos are a bit Zyklon-ish, aren’they?) The sound isn’t as professional as the scandinavian band’s but this greek band is quite good I think. So, I ask again: it’s worth to take your time and patience for something, which is strongly based upon the long-time masters?

The Emperor is dead, and because Ihsahn found himself in his solo projects, there won’t be any reunion, like Satyricon and Immortal. So, in this situation, other band has the opportunity, to follow their masters and maybe get their place in the scene. The greek Aenaon is the perfect example for this. But they have insprations from the Zyklon too, with its complex death metal grindings. So, the band plays complex, techincal, almost progressive black metal, with keyboards, varied musical themes, scandinavian artistic influences and some death metal. All musicians played in various bands before, but it’s not wort to list them – even the members has the same musical talent as they could reach the level of Rotting Christ. It’s the kind of black metal, when it’s not about the raw gutiars, but the catching and massive riffs tear apart the listener. The unearthly lyrics of the front-man Astrous fits perfect to the musical conception, his vocals are between the deep growling and high screaming, often varied with melodic choruses and virtouos guitar solos. The atmosphere of the future, or philosophic sickness, sometimes fast, sometimes slow music, when it’s necessary. So they can keep the conception, it doesn’t seem to be stiltedly artistic. It’s still a question, how can I rate it, should I stay at the originators, or let space for the inspired reincarnation? Finally – as you can check the rating – I don’t shackle the greek band’s stuff, which is well-built, but – as in form, as in concept – strongly resembling to others. This thing is just a small thorn in my flesh, not a complete tree, but still exists…

If you don’t count the fact, that it’s a complex and smart xerox machine – even it’s professional (the Bleak Art Records guarantee the great design and sounding), you could welcome the greek band’s debut stuff. It’s highly recommended the fans of Emperor, Zyklon, Satyricon, Varathron, Crionics, the old and honest Dimmu Borgir. The Behemoth, sometimes the Thorns or the Darkthrone could be also recognized in the music. So, it’s a theatre with great music, professional performance and well designed stage, the only problem is the blattering xerox machine in the backstage.

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.