Aenaon & Satanochio
A Parallel Toetrope [split] (2010)

Not too long ago I wrote about the MCD of Aenaon yet, the band who were brought up in the shadow of Emperor – that material was entitled ‘Phenomenon’ and right back then I said, although it rather sounded like a complex photocopy machine, they would be worthy of attention in the future. Later they didn’t actually give birth to a debut, but a split and it seems like it was released in 7″ format only, limited to 500 copies – see here. In the light of this, we’re seriously honoured and we’re grateful to Floga Records for they have shared this piece with us as well. We recieved it on burnt CD and LP too, therefore it’s obvious I was listening to the latter one. The sound and also the layout exceed the average international level, long since I’ve been as pleased as I am now while composing this review.

The first band on the split is the Greek Aenaon, moving on a slightly post-black metal scene. There’s a frequent use of the already known solutions of Emperor and polyphonic vocals in their work, also the weird themes of the keyboards promise a good portion of electronic mimesis to the fans of music, written in a more modern vibe. As the info shows, in the meantime they got rid off their guitarist, Draugen, and their drummer as well, Lazaros Emanouilidis – as for who were playing the drums on the split, either a man or machine, that’s something I can’t decide, however it sounds alive enough).
So the drummer hadn’t been replaced, but the lost six-strings’ guy’s position was filled with a fellow whose name’s Achilles. Back to the release and its contents, the ‘I, Tyrant‘ is a pretty complex and a well-structured track, perfectly expressing the way the Greeks began their own steps on. When it comes to the things that future holds, these hordes from Thessaly have all the chance to get into the rows of the outstanding and internationally acknowledged acts. However, from this point I don’t think they lay further even now, especially when I keep these quality releases in mind, it’s for sure we shall hear from them sooner or later. Among the infections besides Emperor, also Zyklon, Satyricon and Dissection can be mentioned, though not that directly hereafter.

On the second side we find Satanochio with their unusually constructed black metal, hailing from the Romanian capital. Since their foundation back in 2004, they have released two full-lengths and an assful of EPs and splits. Musicwise, there are some who claim it is following an avantgarde lane, I still think it’s rather a post-black metal construction. Of course the interesting solutions and shifts don’t shut the earlier statements out. Though the two groups sail in different waters, the river might still be taken as the same; after all they are quite similar to one another.
The song from Satanochio‘s set, ‘Crimson Grim‘ is less black metal, but more puritan, rude, with the assault squads of early Slayer lingering in the background. Beyond these arrangements, one may discover solutions similar to Fleurety. Anyway I was surprised by the recognition that the Romanian guys store such quality bands on their boards, it seems like every neighbouring countries will leave us behind, not just economically but musicwise too… ok, but let’s not go immensely deep into the mixed frustrations of our political identities, instead of that let’s enjoy the stuff these Greek and Romanian guys managed to put together.

The result is a demanding and limited split, which – in spite of its short playing time – is a rather valuable piece. It’s worth of purchasing and scuffing the needle while enjoying the grooves that keep on streaming the complex music and professional sound.

/English translation by Vorst/

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.