Period Three Implies Chaos (2010)

When I say Harald Eilertsen, or rather I say: Thorns, it’s for sure, recognising the cosmic space warrior industrial black metal brightens the eyes of some. Well, since awhile Thorns haven’t been delivering new stuff to us, however I have some great news to those hopeful & rather open-minded optimists, namely that the genious mentioned above founded this Imbalance band in Oslo, 2004. Thing is now, the debut was self-released this year, which was the follow-up to the first three demos. In digipack format it was limited strictly to 100 copies, bearing classy externalities and good sound; I don’t have the slightest idea how did it actually reach our staff. So if possible, our dear friend Harald will tell about the earlier space voyages and the presently active thrash squad as well, it will turn out; as it is given as reply by the raped virgin chick to the ‘what if you’ve been pregnant?’ question…

By the way the band was initially formed under the name Frost, but pretty soon they had to realise, even if that name’s quite expressive (however, ‘raw’ or ‘burning hatred-fury’ would have fit the music of Imbalance better), though at the same time it’s a big cliché, with more than one bands who use it. After the first more serious challenge, around the time ‘Burial of Consciousness MCD demo was released, they had changed it to Imbalance. The already mentioned thrash attack is pinned with some death and black themes as well. Influences include, I would say, Testament‘s weighty stuffs or the more massive breaths of Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. The more modern version of thrash metal saw the light right here, but it doesn’t slip into core-ness; simply the really modern sound and polished riffs make it sound like the music of today & tomorrow, however here and there we may find a few Slayer-themes as well. Crazy twists, virtuose solos and raw power-energy build the essence of the conception up and it’s technically ripping, tearing and pounding. It came out this March and to be honest long since I saw such a classy self-release. So I have to take it as honour that we (and YOU too) could hear this and they’re concerned of us, poor metaleater metalcutters, even over the frost-covered mountains, haha.

I don’t want to stretch this review to the extreme, since in a few sentences it would essentially be possible to sum the essence of the thrash brigade up. Any listener’s expectations are met by the contents of the music: a complex, massive, agressive and powerful thrash material, filled with solos and black and death metal infections. Only one thing I disagree on; it doesn’t seem to be Norwegian thrash, this is thrash metal that even we, Hungarians, could play, if we had the appropriate musicians who have professional knowledge and ideas too. The sole reason for why I don’t give the maximal rate, ’cause it’s deconstruction… but these days it’s really hard to create something unique, especially in this genre!

/English translation by Vorst/

Frog Leap
május 29.
Ritual Howls
május 29.