A Cold Dead Body
Harvest Years (2010)

“As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins.”
/Albert Schweitzer/

Despite of its eerie name, Italian A Cold Dead Body will most likely become one of the most successful Solitude Productions product. Slow Burn Records was responsible to release this stuff and though I’m sure everything looks really nice and fine, I rather leave these praises out, since I’ve got the disc only. They formed in 2005, though they have literally been active since 2007; anyways, the group earlier released an MCD which contained three songs – for free it can be downloaded from here; out of the three tracks, two has completely been put on the debut, the remaining one has been done in pieces. And why is this weird-named Italian horde so successful?

The musical aspects of Harvest Years wander from raw HC through screamo to post-HC, while it slightly touches the groves of post-rock and post metal as well. In its entirety, it results in such a varied and progressive stuff where, in the background, even atmospheric doom’s depths linger. Additionally, let’s take the by far not everyday conception of human strains and endeavours – of dreams & man vs. nature’s battle which cannot be balanced. Its essential disassociation raises the forever question of life’s goal and the completion of death’s mystery. The cultural roaming and instruments derive from many places too, so a little folk vibe pounds in the background as well. The songs bear witness of incredibly skilled and worked-out collapses, then growths. In the field of vocals we get both male and female solutions, from whispers through cantatas to growling, screaming, yelling and speaking. Epic elevations and instincts from the deepest cauldrons of all souls find their way to the surface. Behind the whole, anyways, two really dominant presence lies; one of them is the early and really profound Neurosis, at the second place Dutch Celesial Season‘s Solar Lovers album from ’94 dropped many times in my mind, related to the current milieu. Regardless of these, the profusion of Harvest Years can only be linked with very few music; another thing is, it’s by far not an easy bite – it’s able to stuck in the throat or hitch a spasm in our stomachs, since at the same time it’s fine, beautiful and infected, poisonous and destructive, its bitterness eats itself into the bones, like teens who vomit bile and like pregnant women with pierced veins, an army of anonymous alcoholics who look for messages pushed into bottles, and the music itself which sucked more than one world into itself; some of those had sunken forever, and the mutual compound of these realms’ decay is what A Cold Dead Body represent in such a high and well-done manner!

It’s hard to find a conclusion to close with after such a material; a conclusion which doesn’t swarm with clichés. So let it be enough to say that it makes sense in its whole and even in 2010, it’s possible to put an album together which doesn’t hail as a dashing knight of effect theories and infections, but as music, as atmosphere, as milieu which stands its ground!

/English translation by Vorst/

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