EOS (2010)

Many things came to my mind after I heard Estonian Talbot‘s bandname. Especially that it was released by Slow Burn Records which actually is a branch of Russian Solitude Productions – so I guessed many things but no way I thought that this two-men formation might be a stoner-doom duo in real. Incidentally, the wandering of this stone-rolling rabid gang began around 2003 in Tallinn; since then they had begun the trip with an MCD and a single stuff. Additionally it may be interesting enough that they are enthousiasts of storks (though the cover of EOS doesn’t depict those but some kind of bugs) and no song from last year’s debut could be heard on the previous releases. The externalities bear quite puritanic looks, since most of Slow Burn Records‘s products are strictly limited and special editions, me myself received the disc only (originally it can be purchased in Digipack format), so I rather pass the topic of dissecting the details of the artwork. But the sound is massive, dirty and profound – matches all that we could expect from a fine stoner band.

The deep sound mentioned above is a twisting background to the cosmos & to the groovy basslines, connecting to blunt drum patterns and fluid vocals; the upshot turns out to be pretty interesting this way, since it gets its progressive elements in our faces a way that in the meantime, Black Sabbath‘s grasping into the spiral of Down, and I haven’t even mentioned yet the rebellion started off by Mastodon and their friends. The most ponderous factor may perhaps be that impulse which relates to the doom metal of the ’80s & the clouds of post-rock; after all, this dissonant harmony results in that inexplicable and incomprehensible milieu which is represented by Talbot. It seems incredibly unique, however it just operates well with the past, using the indeniable knowledge & results of their art. This is a mere vegetation, falling into nothingness, a profound and ancient, sombre formation which stands as an obstruction before clarity and ethereal light. This deformed monster, breathing in the womb, he knows well that he will be, as has always been, in close relationship with the coming of another world, and lo!, let the Heavens’ gate and arches open; Talbot are alive and as a thousand-years mammoth it’s treading on the masses, stepping upon all and making everything crippled that gets under his feet.

If you want to hear music made of the clearest substances, avoid far this Estonian brigade, but if you’re interested in a special compound which contains prime heavy metal of the ’70s, near past’s post-rock flights, along with some post-metal, not to mention the high mounds of the doom of the ’80s, then you’ll enjoy EOS‘s mammoth-weight journey from the first minute to the last!

/English translation by Vorst/

Frog Leap
május 29.
Ritual Howls
május 29.