In Witch Order

(Ván Records • 2011)
2011. július 6.
In a strange formation we find ourselves if we try to understand the essence of Castle from San Francisco. The band formed in 2007, but their debut was released this year out of Ván Records courtesy, in demanding digipak format. The band’s frontman and bassist is the same person, Elizabeth Blackwell, who represent the gentle sex. The music is classic doom metal, immersed into occult brine. As I have mentioned yet, the externalities really deserve the attention and the sound’s correct, within the confines of the genre. Let’s see what do these 50 minutes of In Witch Order include!

This is an energic and rythmic doom gang which has a particular taste stirred up by the female vocals. Thrash rockabilly and psychobilly groups came to my mind, such as Hellsonics, Hatchet Wounds and Sin Alley. Massive riffs, profound bass, gloomy melodies and strong organ changes; she’s growling, screaming, many times these reminded me of Holy Moses, whilst the really clear vocals resemble Crisis‘s frontwoman… A slight rock ‘n’ roll vibe is being planted in our ears, but as I said it’s not cheerful music, but gloomy and depressing – one of its cornerstones is doom metal, that classic Electric Wizard and Cathedral style, but somehow it doesn’t build the whole picture up. Weird and not everyday music these guys write, it never sinks into the ocean of boredom which is typical of so many doom bands. Right here none of the songs resembles one another; despite the dominance of only black and grayscale, this music is pretty colourful. Of course the biggest part of the influences can be discovered at listening, so we speak of a rather gifted hybrid and few unique thoughts but the birth of a new individuum, still neither punk nor hard noise heavy is not usual in the groves of doom metal. Something that surprised me, even after the first listen the disc gave itself, melodies remain and they are easily croonable and they don’t get boring later either. It’s a colourful and correct work, however the clip song was not the luckiest choice… whatever, let’s see!

Modern and classic doom metal at the same time, which is bleeding from a thousand wounds but the incisions on the veins don’t weaken it, it’s strong and proud. And we stand in amazement, how could three men get such a good album together. This way.

/English translation by Vorst/

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