My Own Grave
Necrology (2009)
I have already known of the swedish My Own Grave, since back in 2007 i have written about their ep at Nuskull (you can check it here). By the way the band is a typical scandinavian death metal, they formed in Sundsvall in 2001 and Necrology is their second album. If you checked out what i've written about them earlier, then you could see i rated them 89%, and i guess i don't give away a big secret, that their blade become much more hard-faced, it rips better into the body, deeper and there is more blood, pain and suffering...

It's a straight 35 minutes long metal churning, with heavy sounding and a really lukewarm design (cover: Jon Zig), but the music is massive, and it gives what we can expect from a swedish death metal band, even when the producer is not else than Dan Swanö... Overall three bands can be attached to the band, the earlier Entombed, Gorefest and Benediction... maybe they will never going to get rid of this budget, even so the masqeu is nice, since we got a nice amount of solutions, which we can't attach to any of those earlier mentioned names. This come about the fact, that newer precpectives of Behemoth, Vader and Hail of Bullets proliferation comes to the top and the lights of neons as the eteernal oli lamp swinging thrash beating. So the music is professional and complex, with numerous interchanges, whic sometimes invokes old times or turns its rotten face toward the recent times. It is not a material without compromises, next to the heavy themes because of the the background tunes we can always feel the line that dips into At The Gates and Carcass. Then again it hides itself with mud and tree letters to play again thee role of a brutal monster, from which nicotin eaten tooth blood pours, its clwas are edgy able to rip, but the produced wound's deepness in spite of the splashing blood is still shallow.

It is a really good material with really killer riffs and of course they developed, and Pulverised Records did not make a bad business with them, not even with the ep in 2007. To steel it's steel, to heavy it's heavy, and to fine it's fine...

Swedish deathly blade extraction...
: 9.4 / 10
: Átlagos
: Kiváló
1.Awaiting Death (0:59)
2.Necrology (3:56)
3.Hail the Blind (2:57)
4.None Shall See (3:33)
5.Disciples of War (4:20)
6.Cerecloth (2:54)
7.Bloodline Broken (3:17)
8.Exhumed to be Buried (3:19)
9.Age of Torment (3:03)
10.Carnal Revelations (4:03)
11.Incineration (3:33)
2009. október 4., vasárnap, 18:45
haragSICK 2009. szeptember 14., hétfő, 20:22
2008. január 3.
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Jó lemez ez is. Mostanában jók ezek a svéd death kritikáid/ajánlóid.

Köszi, lesz velük interjú is, csak egy kis időm legyen!
"MisanThr0PiG & Здравствуйте CO."
alcapone 2009. szeptember 14., hétfő, 18:22
2008. augusztus 3.
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Jó lemez ez is. Mostanában jók ezek a svéd death kritikáid/ajánlóid.
gabraut nach dem deutschen reinheitsgebot
bjorn666 2009. szeptember 9., szerda, 06:51
2006. november 2.
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