Ritual Executions (2010)
The guys who play under the imaginative The Dead bandname did not come from the neighbourhood; the Australian fellows made up their minds around 2005 that they would found their doom-death noisepile among the walls of Brisbane city. Many things they went through until they managed to release the first full-length; their history and the near past as its follow-up are also full of factors which didn't help but obstructed the guys on their way. Their debut, entitled The Dead was officially released in 2007. The material in question you're reading about right now, it actually is from 2009; a self-release which was set on the world, limited to 100 pieces only. Encouraged by this - or maybe as help - Diabolical Conquest Records has officially bloated the quantity to 1000 pieces, now that's the pile I received mine from. For the sound and mixing Aphotic Mote was responsible, from "hiding-in-the-cuckoo's-box" Postal. The cover art was made by Mike Yee. Interesting enough, this album has been the label's first official stuff, though the final result raises such a nostalgic effect as if we went 20-25 years back in time. I don't feel it really is a 2010 release that I'm holding in my hand and listening to!
Musicwise, logically they don't save the world; influences indeniably include early Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Morgoth, Lair of the Minotaur, Asphyx, early Entombed, Mastodon or perhaps Sanctus Infernum. Smart and dirty mixture of old school death metal this stuff has been, pinned with doom paces; and it's so itchy, oily, grimy and sticky that some sludgecore drops unwantedly in my mind while I'm listening to this wallowing of 45 minutes, names like Buzzov-en, Weedeater, Noothgrush, or the grand master of mesmerised lethargies, Ramesses. I could mention the names of Neurosis and Voivod too. It's full of pain, murmuring Hell and a big load of occult grime which forces you into your own marsh. Speed rarely changes the leaden boots of mid-tempos, however under its steps even the earth shakes and the heart breaks. As I mentioned yet, the Australian guys trust other bands with the duties of world's redemption, but despite of the great discouragement the fans of this genre became richer with one more additional sick & profound filth. There's nothing to adorn - if one of the main aspects of existence is reproduction, then this surely is a five-feet fuck-stave, and if it does really get into the slop, then it results in a crack in the cunt...

To purchase the stuff, it's pretty difficult 'cause on the top of everything the release is limited as well, so you should rather try to download it. Purchasing is by far not a sure way, though over here in Europe it theoretically is available on German Eisenwald or Ukrainian Eclectic Productions.

/English translation by Vorst/

Filth struggling doom-death masses...
: 8.5 / 10
: Szép
: Jó
1.Burn Your Dead (8:18)
2.Cannibal Abottoir (4:26)
3.Centurion (6:05)
4.Born in a Grave (7:40)
5.Ritual Executions (4:15)
6.Blood Angel (5:55)
7.Death Metal Suicide (9:53)
2011. június 26., vasárnap, 16:16
Thomas 2010. november 4., csütörtök, 18:16
2008. január 4.
Hozzászólások: 110
A zenekar neve alapján kliséhalmazra számítottam, de kellemes csalódás volt a cucc. A death metalnak az a válfaja, ami a technikai villogás helyett a kripta-hangulatra törekszik, nem is rosszul.
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