Vanderbuyst (2011)
It's not really my style but Ván Records sent this stuff to me, so I have to write about it. I'm about to try and not judge the debut of the Dutch band, wallowing in the retro waves of 80s classic rock and heavy metal, by my prejudices. Well, the horde of three formed in 2008, that year they released a demo, those songs managed to convince the label and they got an opportunity. The sound is professional despite the obvious presence of old times' big bands, the externalities saw the light of the day in fine digipak format. Let it be enough in a nutshell, let's delve into the weary, nostalgic perspectives of past-evoking.

 As I mentioned yet, Vanderbuyst's table actually contains classic rock and heavy metal music. The themes are demanding, the solos are increadibly virtuose ones and the whole image is glowing in the light of 70s and 80s. Influences possibly include UFO (from their stuff, a live studio cover was put on the disc), Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Incredible Hog, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and Hendrix. Typical keyboard themes wave back at some places, from the Hungarian scene I could mention Piramis, Edda, Dinamit, M.H.V., Prognózis and I could go on with the rich list that still exists within this sphere. This is pro and demanding music, and there will surely be a group of people at their 40s, 50s who might strongly be able to relate to this...

...alas (or luckily) I can't, though the points I give, considering the production's quality, it is pretty high, but realistic!

/English translation by Vorst/

Early NWOBHM...
: 8.7 / 10
: Igényes
: Jó
1.To Last Forever (6:11)
2.Tiger (4:24)
3.New Orleans (4:34)
4.Traci Lords (4:20)
5.Stealing your Thunder (3:44)
6.Rock Bottom [Ufo cover] (11:28)
7.Form Pillar to Post (5:18)
2011. július 6., szerda, 13:15
FEZEN Fesztivál 2019
július 24.,
MÁV Pálya
Neurosis, Yob, Negative Approach, Kowloon Walled City
július 24., 18:30,
Akvárium Klub
Iggy Pop, Cruel Hearts Club, Black Bartók
július 24.,
Budapest Park
Skunk Anansie, Holy Chicks
július 31.,
Barba Negra Track
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