Metal Mind signs Opprobrium

We are very happy to announce that Metal Mind Productions have recently signed a deal with Opprobrium. This death/thrash monstrosity has been infecting the metal scene for more than 20 years now, at first using the name Incubus and then changing it to Opprobrium in 1997. During their career, the band released four albums, each showcasing pure death metal destruction. As part of the deal, Metal Mind Productions will re-release the band’s earlier albums, Beyond the Unknown (1990) and Serpent Temptation (1998), both remastered and in a new digipak edition, each limited to 2000 copies, along with Opprobrium’s brand new record Mandatory Evac (2008) which was available only via internet.
Opprobrium‘s album from 2000 – Discerning Forces – was re-released by Metal Mind Productions in late June 2008.

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