Abigail Williams completes debut album

Abigail Williams has completed work on its full-length debut titled “In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns“. Produced by James Murphy and featuring contributions from Trym Torson (Emperor, Zyklon), the album will be released on October 28 via Candlelight Records. Commented vocalist Sorceron: “We couldn’t be happier with the results. The addition of Trym‘s legendary drumming and the experience on the production/mixing end that James brought to us has been priceless. This album wholly eclipses everything we’ve recorded in the past and we can’t wait to begin playing the new material live.”
An intense project with recording and tracking beginning in January of this year, “In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns” features ten new songs from the band currently featuring keyboardist Ellyllon, bassist Plaguehammer, guitarists Matt Brown and Bjornthor, drummer Samus with band founder/vocalist Sorceron. With over 15,000 units sold of the band’s 2007 EP, “Legend“, and 1.5 million hits to their popular MySpace page, all eyes and ears are awaiting the first sounds of the new material. Confirmed song titles are:


1. I
2. The World Beyond
3. Acolytes
4. A Thousand Suns
5. Into the Ashes
6. Smoke and Mirrors
7. A Semblance of Life
8. Empyrean: Into the Cold Wastes
9. Floods
10. The Departure

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