Rev 16:8 signs with Temple of Darkness

We are proud to announce we have signed with Swedish Black Metallers REV 16:8 for their debut album in 2009. The band is formed by well known musicians:
Themgoroth (Dark Funeral, Infernal, Setherial…)
Talon (IXXI, Bloodshed, Finntroll..)
Nefastus (Nefastus, Bloodshed)
Pata (Bloodshed, Decadence)
So, you can expect pure Swedish Black metal at his best !!

The Swedish metalband formerly known as Bloodshed is nowadays called Rev 16:8. The change is a natural step and is based on several reasons.

The return of the original guitarist ’Nefastus’ gave the band the edge it had lost. With new strength and new killer material, it’s obvious that there’s noone out there that could ever do his job better. Since the arrival of ’Pata’ the drumming has given the creative process the freedom it needs, without boundaries. It has and is continuously contributing to raising the music to a new level. The musical skills and the songwriting of guitarist ‘Talon’ challenges the mainstream and will always push the envelope in the bands material evolvement. The visual artist and lyrical mastermind ’Ill’ with his basslines makes the band grow several steps further. To sum it up, the current line-up of musicians is the best this band has ever seen.

The name ’Bloodshed’ has been and is being used by several groups. Continuing the use of the old name wouldn’t give the band any justice. It would merely reflect an affiliation to the general mediocracy. Rev 16:8 stands above the masses, it’s something unique that isn’t to be associated with the rest of the sheep. The new monicker marks the beginning of a new era in the band’s history, and we gaze upon the future with great expectation.

We are also here to announce the arrival of our new lead singer ’Themgoroth’ (ex Dark Funeral, ex Infernal). He will from now on be a full-time member of Rev 16:8, and with him the line-up is complete. We are awaiting his contribution which without a doubt will be a powerful one.

REV 16:8 is scheduled to start their recording on a full-length album in A.R.T.-studio (Stockholm – Sweden) on 15th November 2008

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