Second Escutcheon album coming

Battle Order, successor to Unexplained Deep Space Phenomonon (2001) by Hengelo, Netherlands based Death Metalers Escutcheon will be in stores as of January 20th 2009. The band, consisting of Alwin Zuur (Guitars), Herman Hofman (Vocals), Harry Kettelarij (Bass), Daniel Centiago (Drums) and Guido de Jongh (Guitars) partnered with Deity Down Records in order to do so.

The CD totals 9 melodic yet brutal Death Metal compositions inspired by the early 1990’s Göteborg style. The songs ‘Kill Mode’, ‘Dead Of Tomorrow’ as well as the title track can be listened to on

Track listing:

1. Transient In Oblivion
2. The Eucharist
3. Dead Of Tomorrow
4. Fear Based Denial
5. Kill Mode
6. Terrestrial Radiation
7. Battle Order
8. Shadow Zone
9. Dimension Crossed
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