Pantheist news

I. The Exorcising the Funereal Tour aftermath
Pantheist have now returned home after a hugely fruitful tour with Skepticism and Ophis which took them across mainland Europe, with the band gracing for the first time countries such as Slovakia, as well as new venues in familiar countries (for example a church in Belgium). Pictures and other artefacts from the ‘Exorcising the Funereal’ tour have been added to the website and myspace site of the band.

II. Journey Through Lands Unknown released and available by the band
The ‘Journey Through Lands Unknown’ album is now officially released. Available via Firebox, Lethal Conflict, Plastichead, etc. It can also be bought from the band for the price of 12 euro (flat fee for world) using paypal, just follow the instructions on the myspace site and our official website.

III.T-shirts coming soon
We are aware that some of you have been expecting new shirts since the ‘Exorcising the Funereal’ shirts have all been sold out in the tour. We have tried to make this happen in December, but unfortunately our financial situation after the tour (and with the familiar end-of-year festivities coming up…) hasn’t made this possible. We apologize for the delay and promise that we have set ourselves a target to have new shirts ready by February. The idea is to create a multicolour design this time, something we haven’t done since the ‘Curse the Morning Light’ shirts back in 2003!

IV. O Solitude reissue
There are plans to re-release our debut album O Solitude, which has been sold out for a while, in 2009 with completely new artwork. We will keep you informed through the website. Furthermore, we are currently in negotiations with Firebox records to have all our albums released on vinyl over the next two years. We will be keeping you informed about the progress on this.

V. Live gigs: UK and Finland
Although no specific dates have been booked yet, there are plans to play 3 gigs in Finland around the end of May. More information will be provided as soon as we can confirm venues. We are also currently looking into playing more UK gigs, any interested promoters can get in touch by email.

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