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Catherine La Voisin
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Catherine La Voisin
2005. október 8., szombat, 15:38
Catherine La Voisin
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"Catherine La Voisin was formed in 1999,in Finland. At the time every member of a band lived in a different city, so it was difficult to rehearse. So it took long time to complete our debut release “Of Monstrosity”. On that release we used drum-machine, because we didn’t have a steady rehearsal place and because every member lived in different part of Finland in that time.
Now every member of a band live in a same city,Turku and we have a steady rehearsal place.And after that we stop using drum machine. We have now a real drummer and our line-up is complete.
CLV is:
We are now rehearsing lots of new songs, and they are more faster than on “Of Monstrosity” and not so epic. CLV is not going to play live in near future.More releases coming...........

CLV plays raw distorted black metal.

CLV is not a side-project band.

CLV’s sound is very primitive and raw and it’s not lack of recording technique or musical skills.

CLV keep it’s song structures simple as possible.

CLV is not interested to put orchestral elements or female vocals in their music.

CLV’s influences comes from such a bands as
Beherit, Burzum, Blasphemy, Ildjarn, Graveland, Mütiilation etc.

CLV is not looking for Contracts from a big labels.

CLV is not part of any organisations or in politics.

CLV’s goals are strictly personal.

Catherine La Voisin was a witch who lived in France."
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