Hurricanes And Halos Tour 2017
szeptember 30.,
Dürer Kert
No Grave But The Sea Tour 2017
október 1.,
Barba Negra
Post Society Tour Europe 2017
október 4.,
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Folk Metal Marathon 2017
október 7.,
Dürer Kert - Kisterem
ExtremeNoiseFest 2017
október 7.,
Szerencsi Rákóczi Vár
Der Weg einer Freiheit, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
október 10.,
Dürer Kert - Kisterem
Blackened Symphonies Night
október 14.,
Városi Rock Klub
Paradise Lost, Pallbearer, Sinistro
október 15.,
Dürer Kert
Bad Omens
október 18.,
Maximum Evocation Tour 2017
október 26., 20:00,
Barba Negra
Igorrr, Broken Note
október 26.,
Dürer Kert
Anathema - The Optionist Europe 2017
október 27.,
Dürer Kert
20 Years Of Plays Metallica By Four Cello
október 27.,
Művelődési Központ (MOM)
The Wrong Tour to Fuck With Europe 2017
október 27.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell
Airbourne, Desecrator
október 29.,
Barba Negra
Back to the Roots Part II.
október 30.,
Barba Negra
Kadavar, Mantar, Death Alley
november 1.,
A38 Hajó
Shrines of Paralysis Europe 2017 Part II.
november 12., 20:00,
Dürer Kert - Room 041
The Arctic Circle Alliance Chapter 1
november 14.,
Barba Negra
Brotherhood of the Snake Tour 2017
november 18.,
Barba Negra
november 24.,
Supersonic - Blue Hell
Morbid Angel
december 3.,
Barba Negra
Hellhammer Festival 2017: Winter Edition
december 5.,
Dürer Kert - Room 041
Sólstafir, Myrkur, Árstídir
december 7.,
A38 Hajó
Gloryhammer, Civil War, Noctis
január 8.,
Barba Negra
The Rise of Chaos World Tour 2018
január 21.,
Barba Negra
Cryptoriana World Tour
január 21.,
A38 Hajó
Gods Of Violence Tour
január 26., 18:00,
Barba Negra
Therion, Imperial Age, Null Positive
március 13.,
Barba Negra
Metallica - WorldWired Tour
április 5.,
Omni World Tour 2018
április 10., 18:00,
Barba Negra
Rockmaraton 2018
július 10.,
augusztus 1.,
MÁV Pálya
Facebookra vele! 2008. december 19., péntek, 17:10, godfucked ^^
Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the first edition of the progressive rock festival - Progrock 2009. Katowice slowly becomes the most important mark on the map of the current progressive rock scene in Poland. The fantastic stage at the Wyspianski Theatre has witnessed live shows of many important bands like Pendragon, Credo, Final Conflict, SBB, Satellite, Arena, Landmarq, Galahad, Caamora… The shows at the theatre are acquireing a cult status among the fans of progressive rock, but also among the Artists themselves - the Wyspianski Theatre turned out to be not only a convenient place for such shows but also a very atmospheric, magical place. There will be another chance to prove it in February 2009 during the two day’s Festival – Progrock 2009.
The bands to appear at the festival are: SBB (PL), Shadowland (UK), Tinyfish (UK), RPWL (DE), Overhead (FI), DeeExpus (UK)


A legend of Polish music scene. The band returns with a new studio album entitled “Iron Curtain” on 26th January 2009. SBB, comprised of the phenomenal composer Józef Skrzek, the excellent guitarist Apostolis Anthimos and the flawless drummer Gabor Nemeth, plans to support the release with a tour with its final show at the Wyspiański Theatre!


A recently re-united band that brought their fans the albums “Ring of Roses”, “Through the Looking Glass” and “Mad as a Hatter” are going out on tour again for the first time in over twelve years! The current line-up: Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Caamora, Arena, Neo) – Vocals and Piano, Karl Groom (Threshold, Strangers on a Train) – Guitar, Mike Varty (Script for a Jester’s Tour, Credo) – Keyboards and BVs, Mark Westwood (Caamora, Neo) – Bass and Acoustic Guitar, Nick Harradence (NW10) – Drums. To celebrate their return, Shadowland will be releasing a ‘best of’ album (called ‘A Matter of Perspective’) featuring their favorite tracks from the three previously released (but now unavailable) albums, and also boasting some brand new material. This CD will be available from February 2009.


Tinyfish are a London five piece band with a deep and abiding interest in all forms of progressive music. The group formed in late 2004 as an acoustic outfit playing the open mic spots of the capital. However, as the band's material grew in complexity, this became unworkable and they took the decision to venture on as a full progressive rock band. Tinyfish exists largely because of the friendship that thrives between the members and the personal chemistry which naturally results from knowing someone both socially and musically for over twenty years. The band’s self-titled debut album from 2006 received enthusiastic reviews from worldwide media and brought them many devoted fans…


This German progressive rock band was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. After three years they started to write their own music based on their influences from their ‘cover band’ era. Their debut album from 2000 entitled "God Has Failed" received an international praise and excellent reviews in all major progressive rock music magazines. In February 2008 the band released their fifth studio album "The RPWL Experience". It’s an album that ventures into new musical and lyrical dimensions, while sounding very consistent. “We simply made into music what we ourselves enjoy. We didn’t want to hold back or apply the RPWL filter, but let our ideas run riot with musical lightness.”


This Finish band plays melodic progressive rock that varies from gentle ambient atmospheres via more traditional rock to heavier moments. Their highly anticipated third studio album "And We're Not Here After All" was released in September 2008 by Musea records. The album is a very personal and introspective trip into the most basic of human instincts: the will to live. Needless to say, it has its share of ecstatic highs and desperate lows, all neatly wrapped up in a single album full of atmospheric rock.

photo by: Jeremy Askew

Up until very recently DeeExpus had been the long time solo project of songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist Andy Ditchfield. A chance reunion with singer and old friend Tony Wright in March 2007 expanded the project into two people for the first time and writing and recording of the album “Half Way Home” began. The DeeExpus sound can only be described as being as eclectic as their influences, drawn from years of listening to the likes of Joe Jackson, Iron Maiden, It Bites, Crash Test Dummies, Rush, Nik Kershaw and Marillion, more recently Porcupine Tree and Spock’s Beard. Having recently released “Half Way Home”, Tony and Andy are working hard with the rest of the band to take DeeExpus on the road… The current band line up is: Tony Wright – Lead Vocals, Andy Ditchfield – Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals, Ian Raine – Bass Guitar & Vocals, Steve Wright – Guitar & Vocals, Kev Jager – Drums & Vocals.

Progrock Festival 2009
16 - 17 February 2009
Katowice, Wyspiański Theatre

Day I: SBB (PL), Shadowland (UK), Tinyfish (UK)
start: 17:30
Day II: RPWL (DE), Overhead (FI), DeeExpus (UK)
start: 17:30
Hír, 9000Sanyi @ 2009. május 11., hétfő, 18:42
Tinyfish DVD
Hír, godfucked @ 2009. április 20., hétfő, 16:37
Overhead DVD
Hír, godfucked @ 2009. március 27., péntek, 12:31
SBB - jön az új lemez
Hír, Dolmen @ 2007. október 31., szerda
SBB - A szikla
Hír, godfucked @ 2007. szeptember 25., kedd
2017. szeptember 25., 22:08, boymester ^^
Kényszerű kiruccanás a káosz és halál földjére.Acephalix - Decreation (2017)
2017. szeptember 25., 16:22, boymester ^^
Fanatikusoktól fanatikusoknak, szigorúan.Purple Hill Witch - Celestial Cemetery (2017)
2017. szeptember 21., 20:40, boymester ^^
Kortalan dalok kortalan hallgatóknakMausoleum Gate - Into A Dark Divinity (2017)
2017. szeptember 16., 10:00, oldboy ^^
Gergő szerint a groove metal. Audionerve - Burn Your System (2017)
2017. szeptember 13., 13:06, boymester ^^
Tűz helyett csendben, hosszan izzó parázs.Argus - From Fields Of Fire (2017)
2017. szeptember 12., 16:17, boymester ^^
Robotsperma és atomrobbanás, itt tart a chilei doom fogat.Procession - Doom Decimation (2017)
2017. szeptember 9., 10:09, oldboy ^^
Szinte a semmiből érkezett az új nagylemez. P. Mobil - Csoda történt! (2017)
2017. szeptember 1., 13:13, 9000Sanyi ^^
Figyelemre érdemes auszi csapatDevil Electric - Devil Electric (2017)
2017. szeptember 1., 10:16, Nagaarum ^^
A tökéletes metal hangzás... aminél jobbat még nem fedeztek fel...Skullthrone - Demo III (2017)
2017. augusztus 31., 14:16, pzoltan ^^
"Nagyjából úgy neveztük ezt el, hogy „neoklasszikus power/death metal”. Bár én kezdetben kicsit death metalosabb hangzást képzeltem el, de idővel rájöttem arra, hogy ez így jó, ahogy van."

Bloodrainbow - Az neoklasszikus power death metal felemelkedése
2017. augusztus 29., 14:43, 9000Sanyi ^^
Negyedszázados klasszikus újra kiadvaMoby Dick - Kegyetlen évek (2016)
2017. augusztus 27., 01:32, Werewolfrulez ^^
A technikás deathcore ufók ezúttal egy megfontolt haditervvel tértek vissza a Földre.
Rings of Saturn - Ultu Ulla (2017)
2017. augusztus 25., 17:33, farrrkas ^^
Autód van?Easy Trigger - Ways of Perseverance (2016)
2017. augusztus 25., 16:20, Lew ^^
Barna Radu frontemberrel beszélgettünkThe Thirteenth Sun interjú
2017. augusztus 25., 14:38, oldboy ^^
"... az egri Pink Floyd..." ismét bizonyított! Back to Floyd koncert
2017. augusztus 23., 20:36, emp ^^
4. nap (a vadméz gyönyörei)
Brutal Assault 2017
2017. augusztus 23., 12:52, boymester ^^
Szúrópróbaszerű mintavétel a death hullámból.Entity - Phobia Of The Formless (2017)
2017. augusztus 22., 15:52, boymester ^^
Töltényhüvely, szögesdrót és maga az örmény pokol.Persecutory - Towards The Ultimate Extinction (2017)
2017. augusztus 21., 18:18, emp ^^
3. nap (azért a vihar az úr)
Brutal Assault 2017
2017. augusztus 21., 17:28, boymester ^^
 Ime, hát megleltem hazámat,
a földet, ahol nevemet
hibátlanul irják fölébem,
ha eltemet, ki eltemet.

/József Attila/

Argus Megere - VEII (2017)
2017. augusztus 20., 10:09, emp ^^
2. nap (ikonok napja)
Brutal Assault 2017
2017. augusztus 19., 22:22, boymester ^^
A heavy metal bölcsőjétől a síron túligPagan Altar - The Room Of Shadows (2017)
2017. augusztus 19., 22:02, farrrkas ^^
Egy fesztivál, amellyel ezentúl mindenképpen számolni kell.Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2017
2017. augusztus 19., 18:47, emp ^^
1. nap (meglepetések napja)
Brutal Assault 2017
2017. augusztus 18., 15:09, Nagaarum ^^
Gumiszoba és atmoszféra... Profi baromkodás, és ultramély elvontság...
Notchnoi Prospect - Polyurythane (2017)
2017. augusztus 18., 11:33, boymester ^^
 No akkor tapossunk a vikingek tyúkszeméreVintersorg - Till fjälls, del II (2017)
2017. augusztus 16., 20:43, oldboy ^^
És íme a főfogás! TDW - The Antithetic Affiliation (2017)
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