Gorgoroth interview

Hail Roger! What’s up with you nowadays? Where are you locally, just right now, when you are replying for this interview?

– Hey there. Things are busy, but good, thanx. The Gorgoroth court case is coming up in a few days, January 28th to be exact. Just been reading through some legal papers preparing me even more for what is to come, and right now I am at home trying to end the evening by doing this emailer interview.

I think you’ve slowly got fed up with the following question, but a couple of people are still interested… What is the current situation with Gorgoroth? As I know there are two versions for the rightful existance of the band? Do your consider yourself as Gorgoroth member right now?

– There are two factions which both claim the name. That the other guys still use the name and logo which I chose for my project is the reason why I have sued them and am taking them to court. Those are the basics of the matter.

What have led to this „wartime” between the musicans? Last year I saw the band and -from outside- you seemed like organic. What kind of black pest led to the rupture?

– I do not consider it as a war. It was basically King ov Hell who went behind my back and, in September 2007, secretly applied for a trademark ownership of the band name and logo at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. Thereafter they have been commercially exploiting the name for whatever it was worth. Now I am suing him, and the vocalist as well. Whatever reasons they might have had to do what they did is to me of complete irrelevance. If they were not happy working together with me, they could have gone and started their own band, easy as that.

There’s a formation-version with Gaahl and King. And there are on the other side You, Frank Watkins and Tomas Asklund. What are the standpoints? You can refer to that you are the founder, and what says the other side?

– I don’t care what they have to say. They for sure have had their time in the media lately. And they will be having a chance to repeat that in court next week. For those who are interested, there will probably be media present at the trial, giving it some degree of coverage. www.gorgoroth.info will give you an update on that issue as well.

There’s a gossip according to the members heat the flames around Gorgoroth as a propaganda for the band. I think it’s very inconceivable…

– There is generally speaking a lot of gossip circulating right now, I’m afraid. And I am starting to get a bit pissed of at all this. For me it leads only in one direction, and that is away from what is the bottom line here; the metal and the Satanism.

Let us assume that Gaahl and King would decide to visit yourself to discuss and set apart the detriments. What would your answer? Maybe a re-formation?

– They probably know that they are not welcome at my place or in my life any more at all. So that would be just silly to speculate upon.

For a while in the past the recording of your legendary show in Krakow didn’t appear as official Gorgoroth release. Then suddenly it got released in this year via Metal Mind Rex. Why is it so? Why did you wait for almost 4 years with the releasing?

– It was due to external issues. Remember it was Metal Mind who released it, not us. They have had their problems with the law as well due to this, and I guess they just wanted to get everything solved in a decent manner before releasing the material. Of course, it is and was an official release. It was the intention all the way, and is of course made very clear in the contract I negotiated with them.

Another DVD got released – also on the screen with You -, called Live in Grieghallen. Is this release symbolize your farewell? Which „side” managed the release?

– CD you mean? It was meant to be a live recording. We recorded two shows in Sweden live in 2005. But it turned out to be so crap that we had to re-record it. And the budget was already torn to pieces. Thus we decided to to a live-in-studio recording. And we did it in Grieghallen in October 2007. Then the split-up happened. To make it a shorter story: Regain took my side in the conflict, and we hired in Nico Elgstrand from Entombed to help me/Regain finish the product. I re-recorded the bass lines etc etc.

Is your side-project, Orcustus still active? What should I know about this band? As I know you are also touched in Norwegian Evil. What kind of music is this, who plays in it?

– At the moment I have no comment on those two issues.

Haven’t you got ideas regarding to create a fully new project with new musicians? To show the enemies your power? It would be a hard way, but to achieve your thruth via the court is a spate of time…

– I do not agree with you. I could always form a new band, find another name, logo etc. Done that, before and after. But remember I had my intentions when starting Gorgoroth in 1992. Of course I will not accept the 7th bass player’s attempt to run off with it. It’s the hard way or the highway, yeah!

What’s your opinion about Nödveidt’s suicide? What do you know about his decision? Was he your friend?

– He was a friend, yes. And it would not be appropriate of me to discuss any opinions at all on this issue in the media.

Which do you prefer mostly? To play on the guitar, bass, or acting the vocal? Which is your perfect self-realization?

– I do everything, all according to where I find it to be needed. In studio. But all in all, I am most fond of being a guitarist and a songwriter.

Have you got somekind of near-death experience? If yes, what’s this? Have you seen human death in your life? Could you kill somebody if you had weighty reason?

– I remember seeing a guy die once. In an accident. He got some electricity through his body and needed assistance. I tried to help him, giving him CPR for some 45 minutes, but it didn’t work out. Big deal. Anyway, what has this to do with music? It belongs to the spheres of private life. And private life is best, and most private, whenever journalists don’t cross a certain border. To kill another human you say? People have proven their ability to do so a rather high amount of times through history, so that speaks for itself. I really doubt you and I are very different in that respect. Given the right setting and the reason, people tend to kill.

Do you believe there is anything that awaits you after death?

– Yes, I do.

Is there a part of history which draws you to it most? If so, why?

– There is a manifold of periods of time I am fascinated by. Too many to be mentioned here.

What do you hate most in this world?

– Every no-saying self-crippling and weak little principle, it being named socialism, Christianity, Jehova … basically whatever name it takes upon itself. I adore the man who can stand alone and be himself. The compact majority is never right!

I’m from Hungary, do you know the location of it? Do you know Hungarian bands? Maybe you know Ferenc Puskás or Attila Csihar?

– I know very well the location of it, and you would know this if you had done your homework – I played live in Budapest not too long ago… I know Attila, yes. He is a great guy and I am very fond of him both as a musician and as a person.

Roger, thanks for the interview! I wish you the best during the lawsuit. Please close the interview free in your own way…:

– Hehe, right, getting a bit pissed off, am tired as hell, and it’s 04.10 in the morning here right now. Thanx for best wishes and thank you for your attention. Hail Satan!

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