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I beleive, i don’t really have to introduce the works of the spanish (accurately from Basque Country) Darkness by Oath, or if i should, then check out the link at the bottom of page, haha. Unfortunatelly because of my exam and my broken life the interview is on a little monthly delay – and that’s why i ask for apologize here from the band and the reader too. However i have to add, that it haven’t lost its edge, so let’s sink into the band’s drummer chatty views, but he have really good ones whit sincere opinions.

Thank you for the opportunity, and i won’t take up your time, please introduce the crew of Darkness by Oath, whose position is what and since when are they members?

Hi Zoli, thank YOU for this opportunity; it’s a real pleasure to answer your questions. I’ve had the chance to check your website in the English version, and looks really cool. I tried to read the “Fear Yourself” review too, but couldn’t understand a single word, but could see you like seeing the final score, which is really good, thanks!

Well, Aritz (singer), Tristan (guitars) and I, Asier (drums) are in the band since the very beginning, back in 2002. Then Diego (guitars) joined and the last member joining DARKNESS BY OATH was Gorka (bass) last year.

Fear Yourself is your second album, how did the public greet it, in what things you feel it different than Confidential World of Lies?

The response from critics and public is doing great so far, there have been lots of reviews from different magazines and webzines and we’ve received good scores in mostly all of them.

There are a lot of different things in both albums: production, song writing, recording, mixing… I’d say that we learnt a lot of stuff while recording the first album that we didn’t want to repeat with “Fear Yourself”. Not that we’re not proud of “Confidential…” but there was some stuff we wanted to polish and do better. Yu always try to improve in every recording.

Even the song writing differs in both releases. I guess is quite an usual process and you end up finding your way when it comes to composition and the songs are more focused, instead of pasting different riffs and structures.

As a style, you’re in melodical death metal, does it have a present nowadays, when even from the tap metalcore flows, but let’s be sincere, isn’t it the modern reincarnation of the mentioned style? What do you think of this trend, and what can you listen from it?

I don’t know if the style has its present or future, but in the other side I wouldn’t say is something defunct. Is the music style that we want to play and have been listening to for a long time, in which the are reference bands that have done excellent albums, and there are some that still keep doing great stuff, so I think it will last for a long time.

Each style has suffered changes and this new metalcore trend is one of those. I can’t say I like lots of those bands, I find most of them boring.

In Darkness by Oath most of the members have or had less or bigger projects, who’s had which one, and what is good to know about these formations?

Yeah, there are different bands in which we are involved. Aritz (singer) is also singing in NUMEN, a Black metal band since 1997. They’ve released 4 full length albums and 2 eps so far, and they’ll soon release their last album “Numen” worldwide through the German label Det Germanske Folket.

Gorka (bass) also plays in a band called BIOTERROR, they’ve released a couple of demos so far. They play melodic death metal too, some mixture between the old and new elements of the genre I should say.

I play in a band called ODD HEATHENISH since 1997. We’re a death/thrash band in the vein of THE HAUNTED meets EMTOMBED meets THE CROWN if you want hehe. We’re about to record our first album after releasing an eight track demo back in 2006.

Can you list some of the bends you likes as a child, and they are still active, and they are did not change for the worst, and please tell us three favourite albums, which can’t be outstrrip, or because very personal memories are attached to them!

Well, if you mean bands that I started listening to and I still do when it comes to melodic death metal for example, I can only come up with DARK TRANQUILLITY, as they’re keep the essence of their music, even when they’re using new elements.

Three favourite albums? Wow, that’s quite hard to answer Zoli, there’s a lot that I’d like to mention, hehehe. Well, let’s see. I’ve one really clear, and that’s “Unorthodox” from Edge of Sanity. I can still recreate the feeling that I had back in the time when I first heard the album, holy crap! That was the stuff that I was looking for and finally found!

The same thing happened when I first listened to MASSACRE, UNLEASHED, GRAVE, ENTOMBED and the likes.

Another great albums that I really have in mind are “Hell is Here” and “Deathrace King” from THE CROWN. The first one reminds me when I first went to Wacken Open Air, back in 1999, and the second is just a pure perfect peace of Death, Thrash and Rock and Roll.

And the last and obvious chance is anything from AT THE GATES, and some of the projects the guys have been or are involved as THE HAUNTED or DISFEAR, to name a few.

Spain in thw world is known of her good wines and bull-fighting’s, I know your country is much more than these, so please confirm that, you live at a great place, haha!

Obviously is more than wine and Bull fights. I love wine but don’t like bull fights at all. That being said, we come from Basque Country and those clichés don’t refer at our country as much as it does to Spain.

Basque Country happens to have different culture, language and traditions, in which bull-fighting has no place or too less at least.

There are different things that I can recommend from our country, starting from food, landscapes, beaches and mountains, good people, big summer parties and festivals. There’s plenty of stuff to do here.

What are the lyrics about and how are the songs born?

The lyrics talk about everything we can fear of your own personality. Sometimes, we can even expect our reactions when an edgy situation happens, and there a certain dark and obscure side of us that arises from our inner self, as one of the lyrics in the album says.

Sometimes the most brutal and unexpected reactions are not other people’s, are just ours and that can create a kind of a fearing feeling.

Let’s turn the line of questions a little elsewhere, i know Darkness by Oath is not touched by nowadays political and economical race, distress and war, however please tell me, in what do you see the reasons that the world has sunk this deep in the swamp!

No we’re not a political band, but of course all of us have an opinion regarding politics or economy. I for myself would say that all this mess is a consequence of what the big companies and corporations have done during the most prosper years.

They have earned shitloads of money during the years everything was positive and all the investments created big benefits for them. When things turned to be not that good, these same corporations used people’s savings to cover their costs and keep maintaining their structures. Now that all this was even not enough, they’ve asked the governments for economical help just to avoid a general crash and bankruptcy, and again our money (name it taxes) is used to cover their loss.

So there’s always a part that is screwed by certain people/establishment that always wins, and never shares the benefits within the whole population.

The fail of Bush and the winning of Obama fill with new hopes many people, what do you think of these changes, and how muchly the crisis affects your country? And if we are here, whose job is what, and how old are the members of the crew?

Yeah, obviously the Obama effect has increased the hopes of lots of people, as the stuff that Bush made was more right handed and less popular worldwide. Personally I have some hopes about the new guy on the White House, although I don’t like the worldwide inspector job that the US Government assumes. There’s too much hidden imperialism in some of the international politics and the poor countries are still under big ones’ control, so there’s still lot of shit going on. That being said I do prefer Obama instead Bush, that’s sure.

Regarding jobs and ages, Aritz (singer) is 29 years old, and works in a big factory doing maintenance work. Tris (guitars) is 26 and does work in a factory too, same as Gorka (bass) who is 30 years old. Diego (guitars) is 30 years old too and works on the production area of a car design company, and, I, Asier (drums) am the old bastard, aged 34 and work in the youth and cultural event area in a Town Hall.

Well, to switch at a happier topic, wine or beer?

What about both? hehehe

How typical is the hangover after concerts or probes, haha?

Depends if you are the one who drives the van back to the rehearsal place, hehehe. If not, there’s always a chance to have a drink and chill a little with the band mates and the people of the show, festival or whatever. And if there’s more time and we can stay for longer, the party is done for sure, hahaha.

Do you have something on your mind for the readers of Fémforgács? And anything on the law of last word?

For all the readers of Fémforgács, check out our new album “Fear yourself”. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do playing it, because we honestly think it is an enjoyable album.

Your can follow our activities at www.myspace.com/darknessbyoath or www.darknessbyoath.com

Thanks again for the opportunity and the correct answers, I hope we gonna meet once in real life too!

Would be cool to meet up for sure, maybe there’s a chance we could play in Hungary sometime, who knows. Keep the good work with Fémforgács and all the best for you and your projects!

Greetings form DARKNESS BY OATH

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