Infer interview!

I’ve made an interview with the slovak Infer a long time ago. It was my fault, once I forgot it, and since then I haven’t any freetime, that I had no energy for it. I have a lot of of things to do, so there are the interviews and album reviews. Now, get satisfied with this one, Robert‘s answers. I was happy, because he answered the questions not bypassing – I tried to ask him about his country, the long-ago region too.

I’d only take your time for a few minutes, first of all please introduce your band and the positions! When did you formed and what were the antecedents?

Hi! We are called Infer and we come from town Košice which is located in the eastern part of Slovakia. My name is Robert and I play the drums. The rest of the band is: Peter – guitar and vocals, Marcel – solo guitar and Richard – bass. We have been playing since 2001 when I, together with Peter, left the band Nomenmortis. Peter and I form the core of our band. There were some previous members. With some of them we are friends even today and concerning those others: well, we are glad that we had parted. The reasons are usual. Either someone has not the time or he loses interest or he is thrown out. Nowadays we are in contact with only a few of our previous members. About our current line-up: it’s stable, everything works great and I hope it will stay that way.

Death metal is unusually strong in the region’s slavian countries (Slovakia, Czech Rep. and Poland) What can be the reason in your oppinion? Why do bands prefer this genre the most?

That is a question for the bands. Death metal is growing maybe because people want to express their anger, disapproval with today’s state of affairs, it’s hard to say. In our small country you will find a lot of metal genres from pagan to gore.

How muchly strong the extreme right party, and how big part has religion over there? What do you think of communist socialism, since you had a long part in to too?

I have no idea how strong is the right wing party and frankly I have no interest in these things. Not me nor the rest of the band. Concerning the religions it’s pretty much the same as anywhere else. In my opinion religion is not a spiritual thing anymore rather a political. Personally I hate the church because it’s a band of pitiful idiots unable to use their own judgment.

Communistic socialism…hm…that’s a tough a one. As I said I don’t pay attention to politics but if it wasn’t for communism, we would have been living better. The situation today wouldn’t be that bad. Even though we have democracy one can feel that it is not that good. Only those who had the power (and still have) are living well. And I fear it might get worse. In my opinion there will be the rich and the poor. The middle class will ceast to exist. That’s my point of view.

How much do your feel the economic crisis, how much do you experience the things, which are going on in the wold? In your opinion who can be responsible for it?

Everyone in the world can feel the impact of the crisis and on that depends everything. From violence to suicides. Everyone has noticed that the crime rate, poverty, and so on, have risen. This happens everywhere and I have no good feeling about it. Of course people are responsible. “Who” concretely? No idea if you will ever be able to know the true answer. Also I think we are responsible for the “self-defense” of Mother Nature: floods, earthquaqes, catastrophes. I just want to say that sometimes I have this feeling that it would be better without humanity on this planet.

Please tell me 5 black and 5 death metal albums, which had a great influence in your life!

Black metal :
Marduk – everything, Dark FuneralVobiscum Satanas, MayhemDe mysteriis, Funeral Mist Maranatha, SatyriconNemesis Divina

Death metal :
DeicideDeicide, ImmolationDawn of possession, DeathSpritual Healing, Pestilence – everything, AtrocityTodessehnsucht, Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance

There were quite a lot changes in the band’s membership in a sort period. Is it hard to find the right persons fitting to your behavior, or is it hard to find technically proper musicians for your style?

Both of that. You can’t play with someone who you can’t get along with. You have to understand each other. If you don’t have a good atmosphere, same humour and opinions in your band, it’s pretty bad. And if someone is not able to play as others, it’s impossible. We have experienced both of these things. I think we are a cheerful band and as I said at the beginning things are now ok!

I would be specifically happy if the bad relation (infested higlhy by the fucking politiy) between our countries would came to an end soon. What is your oppinion, Can music be (without reference to any genre) the common chanell to get people closer? Are you planning to do hungarian gigs, introducing the band in front of the genre’s hungarian fanatics?

Yes you said it right. Fucking politics. Music is for everyone and there is no place for politics in it.
Currently we are not planning any concerts, we will see what the future will bring. We are starting to perform from february so we will see how will things turn out. But I think less and less people are attending the gigs which is quite sad.

To return to this question: people or basically policy is responsible for the evolved situation?

People make politics and politics form the situation. It’s a fucking endless cycle and we can’t do anything about it.

I know, that all of you are not that old, but i’m interested in how did you live through the break-up of czecho-slovakia, is there a conflict between Czech and Slovak people, or because of the common history practically we can talk about one population?

During the revolution I was 15 so I wasn’t that interested in it. At that time I didn’t care much about it.

I think there are no conflicts between Czechs and Slovaks. We have a lot of fans and very good friends there. Even our publisher and manager Raven is a Moravian! Enywhere you find people of different nature. With those with who we get along fine we have good relationships 😀

What are your lyrics about? Who writes them? Please emphasize some, and explain them through examples!

The lyrics are written by me and Peter. Mine are preferably antichristian and against church. I express my anger against the church, it’s a band of perverts! They have never helped anybody and they are behaving in way to suit only their interests. It’s sad that so many people believe them. Those who believe them are weak and naive as those who they trust.

Peter‘s lyrics concern with topics pretty much of the same character. Maybe a bit more darker and depressive. But usual lyrics for our musical genre.

What would you do if happiness would be an apple?

A. bite it and eat it.
B. make it shine and put it away.
C. cut it up into little bits and eat it if i’m sad.
D. trade it for a pear… :}

I would divide it and give to everyone I like and need it more than me.

Have you got a message to the readers of Fémforgács? Last words?

I would like to thank you for this great interview. We send our regards to all the readers and your zine. Listen and support METAL!!! AVE!

Thank you very much for the interview, i hope we heard about you in the future!


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