Terror Inside
Sumerki Razuma (2009)

Terror Inside‘s debut arrived straight from Moscow which had been released by Irond Records last year. The band formed in 2007. In the case of genres they are switching from simpler death metal to more complex death metal and vice-versa. Besides the subject of this review they released a demo as well in the same year they formed the band. I could not cover up any other ambitions but more than one of the current members have some not really well-known side-projects, just as Terror Inside.

The linguistic uniqueness is sure to be caught out because Alexey “Khadgar” Zverkov growls and howls on his mother language, but melodic vocals can also be found just like thick refrains and competently massive “building operations” as well, if you know what I mean. The musical themes are diverse they vary the thrash wave of early Metallica with Fear Factory– or Meshuggah– ish double-handed-heavy-math hammering. Of course we can find the usual death metal grooves that lead one theme to another. They are doing it nothing bad at all but serving nothing prominent but aggressive and deep metal in which a large variety of infections help to come out with the final product that works well I have to say. This is modern music, folks because here we have the lame refrain of “Mertvyi gorod” or “Krasnaya tochka” which may tame this wild kitten domesticated on medicines and ampoules close to metalcore. But its teeth are sharp, stomach rumblin’ and of course ready for killin’…

I can’t really say its authentic death metal since it has many stuff in it besides the thrash, metalcore and deathcore I’ve mentioned. The layout and sound are both made out well (maybe the mix could have born a bit more bass in it), so the listener has nothing much to complain about if not saying that some of the influences are unbashedly intensive but in effect it does not subtract that much from the whole thing. Terror Inside‘s debut lacks real children’s troubles, these guys from Moscow are really struggling and they haven’t bought their instruments yesterday as well. What could I close the line with? „Без памяти нет мертвых” – I mean “No dead without a remembrance”

Piratefest Budapest
július 03.