Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity (2011)

“It’s easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die. On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero.”
/Chuck Palahniuk – Fight Club/

The guys from the Dutch Victimizer dumped their second full-length this year, which actually is the first available and professional work from them. Anyway, the Gelderland horde was founded in 1996, they put a demo together in 2002 and a full-length in 2003, then four years later those were followed by an MCD. All of their stuff were self-released, so practically they were made available by the Dutch Deity Down Records at last. Old Gerard has always known how to hit it in the head, therefore there’s nothing wrong with neither the cover art, nor the sound (polished by Dan Swanö). Especially the booklet gained my attention, long since I saw such a greatly structured and complete stuff, all my respect goes to Richard Spierings, since the results are flawless. Ok, so after the many praise, maybe a few words of the music…

…I should tell, and how surprising, but also musicwise Victimizer perform in a perfect way. Additionally I must say more bands exist under this name. This is that kind of death metal which is not ruled by the complex themes and well-composed riffs, the solos are incredibly demanding and it recalls some Swedish influence as well. Many times At The Gates, Sinister and Suffocatin dropped in my mind. It’s that that from beyond the brutal chopping, fascinating solos emerge and Tales Of Loss And New Found Serenity is full of emotions; it goes as deep as hatred and fury, from despise through bitterness to depths it collapses, tearing countless pristine wounds up and the seething bodies in carnage, with heads bowed, hit the trodden ground. Musicwise, the overall picture shows a technical band in which one may discover some thrash as well here and there. As for the vocals, a relatively big amount of screaming was combined with the deep growls – a killer pair. The greatest part of the other songs are made up by various themes, turning back time by time to the branches that improve in the meantime. It makes them much stronger and sweeping; of course the professional sound adds to this as well, but as they say – the girl’s nice in vain if her body’s withered yet. Everything must be taken as it should be. Incidentally a few changes occurred on the board too, since Arnold Oude Middendorpaz has been the new vocalist. Some might have known him yet from another Deity Down Records-band, Devious, not to mention the cultic Dutch thrash-death gang, Altar, which also had Arnold as their front-man. (Just a side note to those who might be interested that I’ve already planned to make an interview with the latter band, at last I can execute it via Gerard & with a past member, haha).

How could I close such a mature and well-composed review? I could raise the question of uniqueness, which, of course, wouldn’t cover an immaculate conception. After such a performance one may not seek the influences, but gets lost in the layers of complex music, professional implementation and incredibly nice solos, which remind me of the also Dutch Pestilence. I don’t even have to say that we will surely hear soon from the spawns of this nation, who twist a little glee as well next to their coffees and teas in those pubs – namely, from the gang of Victimizer. And why? ‘Cause cheese, but fucking strong and spicy, gourmand, that may be consumed only with loads of bread…

/English translation by Vorst/

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