To Dissect Paper [EP] (2010)

The young formation of Spheron hail from German lands. The guys are not too old and with their union in 2007, they haven’t really deconstructed too many walls so far either. They had a demo back in 2008, this year they came up with a self-released MCD & the debut is still to be done. Anyways, the release is pretty demanding, the sound is correct and however I mentioned yet that the overall picture is quite youngling, if I hadn’t known the facts I would have guessed them older that they actually are…

Musicwise, of course the salvation didn’t arrive again; we get some melodic but complex death metal, kind of in which the themes mix up with the works of late Carcass, Edge of Sanity, along with Death and for instance, with the carrying capacity of Suffocation and rigidity of Dissection. A technical mass that partly follows a Scandinavian, partly an American pattern with their cool solos and killer riffs. By the way, Spheron was initially founded under the name Immanuel Cunt, then it later was changed – if they changed genre as well, I don’t have a clue, since Immanuel Cunt implies on a pretty gore or porngrind-like assembly, but our review practically elaborates on melodic death metal. Here and there basically this softness and Swedish line drops present’s metalcore and deathcore flood in my mind, though relatively it gets absorbed quite soon. These German guys don’t surf on trends, they are rather high on creating a quality death-bitten metal between the lines. Besides death metal, some progressive nature manifests too, as black and thrash themes vanishingly appear in their stuff. As I mentioned yet, the externalities are correct and sound is quality as well, so that the young german gang could be working on their long-awaited debut at last in the near future.

Good luck for all to the guys and I’m seriously interested in how their future will go, since they came up with talented and energic, complex and well-composed tracks. Certainly this would not be enough for the succes, but as they say: if the soup smells good, if it’s hot and its colour is ok as well, it shouldn’t taste too bad either…

/English translation by Vorst/

Frog Leap
május 29.
Ritual Howls
május 29.