Murder Therapy
Molochian [EP]

(Self-released • 2011)
2011. július 30.

Surely, most of you remember of the italian Murder Theraphy, since i’ve written an article about their debut, and later i’ve interviewed them – so i won’t go into details. Well, their debut was released by the dutch Deity Down Records, then i’m not aware because of what reasons, but this EP was realeased by themselves. Only 200 digi-packs were made (even so i’ve got a piece from them – thank you!). The main reason of this material is to present the italian guys new face… which is going to be followed as i except by the second CD, under Deity Down Record or maybe anything else. Let’s see from what is this material is so deep and killing, in other words, why are their reformation is something to look up to.

First of all this material is really complex, but another way than their first cd.. because the nicely composed deathcore themes was enrich up with artistic touches. As influences i can think of Neurosis or iSiS, Minsk, Mouth of the Architect or Tephra. Also the material contains a big amount of psychedelic journey to the depth of the soul or mind, it is a mad building of ancient rituals, and at some points it reminded me of Converge. So we got a really impressive and common complex deathcore with avantgarde sludgecore and artcore steps, wich is accompanied with post-ambient peaks. What could this be if not a uncommon and uplifting , suffocating and caressing piece of material in one?!!
Of course, what could be turn our from this four songs? Not so much… only a way on which they started to move on. What i could suggest them, is to keep the borders and levels, pay attention to the ratios, to the ways they go clear and then back to madness, and more thing. The listener should not easily get into the material. They should get build into the whole suprising changes, breath-taking parts and grindcore kind brutality, and beside these elements try to keep the artistic part, which the newer Neurosis materials couldn’t, as iSiS had it disgraceful end too, but the list could be continued…
They could play more with the vocals too, use it as the music needs, thus they could step into a really artistic perspective. Anyway this EP represents perfectly the way they chose to go on, and i can only ensure them of my support – that’s why i gave them maximal points. But do not forget they put their limit on a high slat, because the big material in the future will break away with a huge success or it won’ be know in any of the international undergrounds!

This theraphy kills us a different way, it doesn’t tore apart our body, rather our souls and minds, then it is amused by its fresh bloody view, so it can melt into the creator and destructive instinct’s entity, oh save us from the madness, my lord…

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